A&A Coatings – More Than Just a Thermal Spray Company

A vast array of industries, companies, businesses, and individuals turn to A&A Coatings every day for their thermal spray coating needs. However, thermal coatings are only part of what we, as a company, offer. As an example, here are a few other A&A Coatings services you may not have been aware of:

  • Undercut pre-machining
  • Roll grinding
  • Finishing services

Let’s take a look at each of these individually so, should you require our services, you’ll know what’s involved and how you can benefit from partnering with A&A Coatings.

Undercut Pre-Machining

When our company uses the term “undercutting”, we are referring to the amount a component is ground or turned undersize so that space can be provided for a sprayed coating. The thickness requirement and specified coating material will determine the depth of the undercut. It is necessary, for most repairs, that a component is undercut beyond existing damage (erosion, wear, corrosion, etc.). The depth of an undercut will be equal to the finish thickness of coating, and vice versa.

Our company offers undercutting in addition to our full, turnkey thermal spray coating service. Leave it to the experts to take the guesswork out of component prepping before coating.

Why use our experts? Here’s something not everyone knows – but our technicians do… wherever possible, square and deep shoulders should be avoided when undercutting for a sprayed coating. A radius of 0.015 inches to 0.020 inches should be left at the corner with shoulders of undercut sections being cut square.

Roll Grinding

Finish grinding, polishing, and machining is included in addition to our full, turnkey thermal spray coating services offered by the A&A Company.

What do our roll grinding capacities allow us to do? Coatings can be ground up to the hardness of tungsten carbides and ceramics, as well as base substrates of most alloys or metals.

We offer specified tolerances and specifications that include the following:

  • Less than 4ra surface finish (material dependent)
  • Within .0005 inches, a specified diametrical tolerance
  • Runout and straightness of less than .0005 inches
  • 16 feet, or 192 inches, between centers and stroke (length)
  • Up to 24-inch diameter

Machining Finishing

Leave coatings grinding to the experts!

Compared to dry grinding, wet grinding is preferable. Whenever suitable equipment is available, it should be used. Why? Provided the right wheels are used, it presents no difficulties. It must also be done at recommended feeds and speeds.

What if you don’t go with the experts? Due to lack of spray coating experience, difficulties with finish grinding have been experienced by numerous companies that didn’t go with the pros. But why? To grind sprayed coatings properly, there are different procedures and wheels required. Not everyone knows what to use, where, and when. Adverse results will be experienced by using the wrong procedures and/or wheels on particular coatings versus other coatings. In other words, what works on one coating doesn’t necessarily work on another coating.

But an expert knows all the ins and outs involved here.

Turn to A&A Coatings

Now that you know we do more than just protective coatings, turn to A&A Coatings when you need more than just thermal spray applications, but also undercut pre-machining, roll grinding, and finishing services. Contact us today if you’d like to find out more.

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