Spray Application Materials

At A&A Coatings, our spray coating materials cover a diverse array of coating technologies and applications and our coating materials can be instrumental in making your parts, machinery and equipment more durable and more effective. Every thermal spray coating process begins with choosing the right material for applying on the substrate. We aim to reduce your operational costs and to give you a definite edge in today’s highly competitive market. You can choose a material from our wide selection of spray coating materials or consult with our engineers for expert guidance.

Spray and Fuse Hardfacing Materials

Spray and Fuse Hardfacing Materials

Our technicians at A&A Coatings use the best-in-class spray coating materials to help our customers make endless applications across a wide range of industries. By opting for the right material for thermal spraying, you can potentially reduce downtime and operational costs, increase overall productivity and improve efficiency in your organization. We offer end-to-end spray coating and thermal spraying services with superior quality materials guaranteed.

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