Adopting A Practical Outlook On Corrosion Resistant Coatings

In order to design corrosion resistant coatings which are successful, various factors must be figured in. One important factor is the choice of a corrosion resistant coating that is right for the specific application. Maintenance is another determining factor because it looks at the corrosion prevention system and determines its longevity. Your valuable assets can be protected against damage by the successful application, choice, and maintenance of the right industrial coating.

Your specific needs should always factor into your company’s chosen corrosion services. In order to further explain, allow us to break this down a bit.

Corrosion Resistant Coating Selection

Barrier and sacrificial coatings are designed to perform a certain way under special environmental pressures: i.e., respond to those pressures appropriately, excel in circumstances that are somewhat specialized, etc. The specification sheet of a project will discuss an asset’s surrounding circumstances such as the following:

  • What will need to be accounted for by/with a corrosion resistant coating?
  • Will the project encounter any expected extreme pressures?

The best way to determine whether or not a coating will provide the appropriate properties is to discuss all available coatings with your thermal spray company/contractor. As an example, ask them to help you determine if, rather than an alkyd, a urethane topcoat should be used due to a highly corrosive environment. There are numerous coatings and possible environmental stresses to consider and pair up.

Your Coating Has Been Selected

Once the basic coating selection has been made, finding out where the product comes from is another consideration. Make sure that no corners are being cut by manufacturers in the production of your coating. Shoddy manufacturers may say that they are providing a “polyurethane finish” or an “epoxy primer”, but because of extenders, cheap fillers, and inferior resins, the end product is less than desirable. Don’t suffer the expense of performance because a company has saved money (and you think you have as well) manufacturing a less expensive product.

Maintenance of Coatings

Do corrosion prevention systems fail? This is not a ‘one and done’ kind of deal, so protective coatings used against corrosion must be maintained. This is because chemicals corrode, elements degrade, and moisture seeps in. Next to death and taxes, these are some of the surest realities in existence. You will be less likely to suffer a significant setback if regular wear-over-time is monitored and dealt with through a coating maintenance plan.

An essential part of any plan such as this is something as simple as spot coating. You can keep the need for a full-blown recoat at bay for years, and prevent localized corrosion spreading, with spot coating. Remember that it can be catastrophic for a company to suffer damages of full-scale failure just because a simple protective coating maintenance plan wasn’t in place. Talk to the provider of your thermal spray coatings and ask what kind of maintenance plan they recommend.

Speaking of Thermal Spray Coating Companies…

A&A Coatings specializes in all types of thermal spray coatings, corrosion resistance among them. For decades, we have been providing protective coatings for literally every industry under the sun. Because of our services, companies have realized an improved bottom line through decreased maintenance costs and fewer downtimes. Contact one of our experts today to find out what our services can do for your company and are already doing for your industry.

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