Application Spotlight: Emissivity

At A&A Coatings, we have nearly eight decades of experience in providing a great array of specialized thermal spray coatings. We are able to protect different types of product surfaces and help you enjoy a longer service lifespan for your equipment. One of the applications that is often requested is high emissivity coatings. These coatings have the capability to control heat transfer by altering the emissivity of different substrates. If you are looking for high emissivity coating solutions, look no further than A&A Coatings!

What is Emissivity?

Emissivity measures the ability of a material to radiate the heat through electromagnetic wavelength. With that in mind, you should note that taking these kinds of measurements is tedious and difficult in practice. So, what makes it so hard? For starters, it is a function of an extrinsic parameter and several variables of a material. Since the introduction of emissivity, a wide range of methods have been developed and proposed. However, there is no universally accepted methodology or fixed procedure to date. Today, emissivity is usually estimated by four basic methods: radiation energy method, multispectral radiation thermometry, optical reflectivity method and the calorimetric method.

About Our High Emissivity Coatings

For starters, A&A Coatings’ line of high emissivity coatings is designed to drastically improve the thermal efficiency of ovens, incinerators, furnaces, infrared heaters and more. Some of the industries that regularly use our high emissivity coatings include the refining industry, metallurgical industry, chemical processing industry, ceramics industry and appliance industry. What’s more, our clients get to enjoy 5 to 10% of natural gas and oil savings when they use these coatings.

Why You Should Opt for High Emissivity Coatings

Extending and maintaining the service lifespan of industrial appliances used in high temperature production environments is a huge challenge.In short, high emissivity coatings save the day. Find out why you should opt for these coatings.

  • Keep substrates cool and improves their efficiency

When appliances and sensitive parts are used to operate in higher temperatures of up to 2200˚F, they could risk becoming damaged or their operational efficiency decreases over time. These parts require coatings that provide stellar stability under high temperatures and can enable thermal control. At A&A Coatings, the radiative properties of our coating materials are based on elemental carbon. They are superb black body emitters and that’s why we still use them.What’s more, they are encapsulated in a thermally-stable glass. You can rest assured that our materials are stable in harsh environments; from reducing, oxidizing to vacuum conditions.

  • Possesses exceptional radiative heat transfer abilities

The maintenance of high emissivity values in high-temperature service or production environments still pose a major challenge in many industrial applications. In addition, emissivity agents are known to degrade in space or semiconductor manufacturing, fuel processing and engine environments. Unfortunately, traditional coatings are not cut out for the job.

It is vital that you manage this flux properly as it is the key to extending material durability and improving process efficiencies in a wide range of industrial processes.If you require specialized coatings that can withstand thermal cycling, be compatible and stable with other materials, A&A Coatings has the perfect solution for you.

If you want to find out how else A&A Coatings can help when it comes to emissivity applications, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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