Companies Produce More When Their Parts Perform Better

Without the use of thermal spray coatings, it would be impossible for things like large gas power turbines and modern aircraft to operate. Protection is needed for the neutralization of hot gases’ and extreme temperatures’ devastating effects on surfaces and parts.

Performance and Heat Management

Most circuits, exhaust systems, compressors, engines, and many other systems, in order to optimize performance, need to precisely manage heat. Numerous industries can identify with these challenges including medical, steel, oil and gas, power generation, automotive, aerospace and industrial settings.

Whereas, the heat generated by systems involved in many of these industries can’t be completely done away with, heat can be dispersed in the proper direction through thermal spray coatings. These coatings not only direct and deflect heat but lessen its impact on operations and parts.

When You Can’t Do Away with Heat

Numerous systems in the above-mentioned industries require heat – that’s all there is to it. But thermal radiation is attracted, allowing a way to more or less harness added thermal energy, through the use of high emissivity coatings. These high emissivity thermal spray coatings, thanks to their ability to outperform aggressive environments, and their toughness and durability, are clearly superior to many of today’s lesser paints and coatings.

What If Components Are Too Big To Transport?

Just because a component is too big to move doesn’t mean that operational delays are acceptable. Sometimes, applications and coating recommendations must be done on-site. This will require the thermal spray company to have the capability to move their production techniques to the client.

Recommendations and consultations for on-site, specific coatings involving performance challenges and precise environments can involve situations far too numerous to list. But, some of these can include the following:

  • Boiler fans
  • Diaphragms and casing
  • Turbine discs and power plants
  • Alumizite
  • Fan applications
  • Attraction coatings
  • Dimension restorations
  • Steam turbine cases involving water erosion
  • Steel mill furnace hoods
  • Bridge members
  • Chemical processing equipment and chemical tanks
  • Turbine blades, shells, etc.
  • Steel mill boiler tube walls

The Aircraft Industry and Thermal Barrier Coatings

One industry that relies heavily on barrier coatings is the aircraft industry. This is due to the combustion section of an aircraft’s turbine engines. The situation demands an increase in power and fuel-centric economy. Because of high combustion temperatures, the design of the metal alloys used becomes decreasingly compatible over a short period of time. Unfortunately, these types of metal alloys are commonly used in the making of turbine components. It’s not hard to see why thermal barrier coatings are so important to the aircraft industry.

Choose A&A Coatings For The Protection of Your Parts and Components

A&A Coatings is one of the leading providers, in both the power generation and aerospace industries, when it comes to specialized ceramic coatings. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to perfectly tune, within entire systems, the thermal dynamics involved. We do this in order to arrive at and maintain proper levels of peak production.

Our innovative techniques consistently compel research and development as far as humanly possible. We constantly strive to create new methods and ways of discouraging operational degradation by component protection. Discover, for yourself, the benefits of working with one of the leading thermal spray companies. Contact us today at A&A Coatings.

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