Enhance Your Parts Performance With Thermal Spray Coatings

There is a wide range of methods through which protective coatings can be applied to components and machinery today. These processes can also be used to restore and repair as well as protecting. Thermal spray coatings can enhance your industry’s parts performance significantly. Your equipment’s performance can be optimized and wear problems that are typically experienced by specific machinery can be lessened if not prevented entirely. Various existing equipment designs require the use of any number of thermal spray techniques, each with their own characteristics which make them desirable for certain circumstances. A variety of materials is used as well to incorporate the technologies used for surface enhancement.

Improving Parts Performance and Equipment

The performance of your equipment and parts can be improved through the use of tantalum and niobium, titanium, corrosion resistant nickel-based alloys, high-temperature ceramics, hard tungsten carbide coatings, and more. Even components that need special surfaces like high dimensional accuracy, gripping to products and mating seal materials are no problem. Today’s coating industries can post- and pre-grind and machine components in a successful effort to match surface specifications and engineered dimensional specifications. Thanks to the high-tech, exquisite quality of modern application processes, this precision can be repeated as many times as is necessary in an exact, uniform manner.

Corrosion Coatings Enhance Corrosion Resistance

Thermal spray coatings can prevent the most severe oxidizing vapors to the simplest of atmospheric corrosion. Either post- or pre-treatment can be used to develop a protective system against corrosion of substrate structures. These coatings can range from zinc and aluminum all the way up to high-temperature corrosion resistant nickel-based coatings – all increasing a component’s longevity.

Thermal Spray Coatings Reduce High-Temperature Damage

The integrity of parts can be protected with thermal spray coatings which are useful in the the following manners:

  • Assure product quality by preventing damaging surface buildup
  • For rolls used in the steel and glass industries, can reduce oxide pick-up
  • Reduce cracking from stress corrosion typical in high-temperature altering mechanisms
  • Protect part integrity during production related high-temperature exposure

Ceramic Coatings and Thermal Spray Coatings Enhance Electrical Resistance for Conductivity

With many components involved in various systems, ceramic coatings and thermal spray coatings can improve performance by enhancing electrical conductivity or eliminating stray electrical currents.  Materials that are copper-based are utilized for conductivity, and coatings of a ceramic nature are frequently used for shielding. To shield stray frequencies, innovative but simple technologies for surfacing can be employed. This is most commonly seen in the military. In order to optimize coating performance, process parameters, materials choices, and environmental issues are all considered.

The way that a company handles itself, its equipment, its clients and their information, and its employees will have a direct effect on the quality and performance of their service and products. At A&A Coating, we use only the highest quality equipment, materials, and staff. We keep precise records to assure each client of repeated success, precision, and satisfaction. Whatever the industry, chances are, protective coatings can be used in some manner for improvement in one area or another.

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