Fused Ceramic Powders Can Help Optimize Thermal Spray Coating Processes

Multiple benefits result from the thermal spray coating process – regardless of the industry in which coated components and machinery are used. These industries can entail everything from automotive, gas and oil to aerospace and marine – and everything in between.

Why Coat Parts and Machinery?

As an example, engine components and gas turbines must be able to withstand corrosive and challenging environments. And they need to be able to do it for a long time! Today, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of components such as this are thermal spray coatings. There are numerous kinds of coatings and various methods by which they can be applied.

The Thermal Spray Process

In general, semi-molten or molten materials are sprayed onto a prepared surface during the thermal spray process. These materials can include ceramics or metals. But corrosion and wear resistance are just the beginning. Thermal insulation and other surface properties can be improved by the incorporation of white aluminum oxide and other fused materials in the thermal spray coating process. Before the process of thermal spraying even begins, multiple benefits are offered by fused ceramic powders.

Why Fused Ceramic Powders?

Fusion is the key word in the electric arc fusion process involved here. Very high temperatures are reached by the materials being fused as a result of the process. For a completely full reaction, they must be in a 100% liquid state. This is the only way to make sure that the final fused material which results is completely and totally what was intended in the first place.

Productivity can be increased, and costs reduced, by custom fusion. Without a company taking on material costs and excess capital, testing can be done under the specific conditions and challenges of a precise industry to assist in the development of a custom fusion process to best suit their needs. A&A Coatings can help in the development of custom fusion for your business and industry.

The high melting point and high hardness of fused minerals is what makes them so resistant to the corrosive environments and high temperatures that ordinarily prompts the use of thermal sprays. Various thermal coatings can benefit from the use of fused ceramic powders. But other materials are also used in thermal coatings, with great results.

Also extremely stable are fused oxides. Regardless of the environment, they will not convert to other materials. When compared to metal materials, they are ordinarily more lightweight. This comes in handy in industries such as aerospace and automotive where an important consideration is the weight of a component.

Thermal Coatings and Fused Ceramics

So what are we referring to here? The following fused metals can be included in the appropriate thermal spray coating for your business:

  • Yttrium oxide
  • Yttrium-stabilized zirconia
  • Fused zirconias
  • Fused magnesia
  • Fused forsterite
  • Fused chrome
  • Fused aluminum oxide
  • Calcia-stabilized zirconia
  • And other fused compositions

A&A Coatings has been dealing with thermal spray for over 70 years. With all that experience, you can bet that we are at the top of our industry and use all of the latest techniques and methods by which to provide our clients the best protective coatings available. We also offer services like machining, lapping, grinding, and more. We can custom tailor a coating to meet the needs of your business and help rescue your bottom line. If you would like to find out more about our company, or speak to a knowledgeable representative, do not hesitate to contact us.

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