When Should You Get A Roll Grinding Service?

Rolls are widely used in the production of a broad range of materials including paper, textile, copper, brass, aluminum, and steel. When these rolls are in need of maintenance, they often start to show symptoms like hazing or build-ups. You should call for roll grinding service at the first signs of such problems. Grinding is necessary to bring these rolls back to their proper finish and geometry.

At A&A Coatings, we are roll grinding specialists and we would like to share with you five cues indicating when your rolls need to be maintained or repaired to uphold production efficiency. Let’s find out more!

Your Rolls are Not Maintained on a Regular Basis

Manufacturers that utilize rolls in their daily production often need regular roll maintenance. You should not wait until a problem manifests to facilitate this important task. If you adhere to a proper roll maintenance schedule, you can mitigate costly problems when a roll breaks or before an entire production screeches to a halt. To keep your operations running smoothly, you should start planning which rolls to send for servicing now.

There are Irregularities on the Surface of the Rolls

If your rolls are experiencing chatter, feedlines or barring, it is pertinent that you address these surface irregularities pronto. Some of the irregularities are identifiable by the human eye. So, be sure to keep an eye out for any signs that indicate their presence on your product. To check for surface irregularities, one should pay attention to both the final output and the surface of the roll. Once any irregularities are spotted, it is time to schedule an appointment for a roll grinding service.

Your Rolls are Consuming More Energy

If you work in the food industry, you will often notice your energy bills going up due to rolls running incorrectly. Rolls that are worn out do not always press or grind your products to satisfaction the first time. When the materials need to be run through the process again, the repeated processes waste energy.

The Quality of Your Rolls’ Finish is Deteriorating

Are you experiencing issues with your roll’s finish? If they are losing their finishes quickly, it is a clear sign of improperly ground rolls. Some roll providers make the mistake of applying subpar finishes on a roll to hide any issues with their finishing process. The said finishes may measure as smooth and/or appear to be adequate at first, however, those looks soon give way.

You know you need a new roll coating when the initial finish is diminishing more and more as your product is ran. To make sure you choose the right roll coating, you are recommended to look to a roll servicing specialist for guidance.

There are Noticeable Defects

If you start spotting flaws in your product, they are usually the first signs that something is awry with your rolls. For example, you may notice defects in your paper output if you run a paper production operation; or you noticed that your product is not being grounded in a uniform manner – if you specialize in food production.

These problems need to be rectified on an “ASAP” basis as every defect found in your product means that you are losing money. Yes, defects in rolls severely cut into your production efficiency as they increase waste (materials, energy and time) and diminish yield. You may also end up spending more money when you continuing manufacturing defective products.

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