Industrial Plating: What Is It Used For?

Industrial plating has many uses. In today’s industry, there are numerous types of plating that may be available. Some of these include the following:

  • Tin plating
  • Teflon/Electroless nickel
  • Decorative chrome
  • Black oxide
  • Passivation
  • Zinc

Depending on their needs, various industries and applications make use of one or more of these types of plating every day.

Using Industrial Plating To Repair Shafts

Offering improvement services and turnkey shaft repair, industrial plating offers numerous opportunities and uses. To sustain equipment operating effectiveness, rotating parts must be well maintained. Costly downtime must be avoided, and equipment failure that could cause accidents must be prevented.

Across numerous industries, repairing and remanufacturing shafts is done by skilled teams using industrial plating. Various coating solutions can be used to improve wear resistance on seal surfaces, reduce damage due to galling, improve motor efficiencies and life span, and reduce vibration.

Improved Wear Resistance and Diameter Restoration

For improving surface wear resistance and restoring diameter, several options are offered through industrial plating. Which recommended process fits your needs best will depend on a number of aspects including the following:

  • The part’s operating environment
  • Scope of damage
  • The part’s repair history
  • The geometry of the part

 Based on your needs, other applications may be recommended as a solution including the following:

  • HVOF coatings
  • Hard chrome
  • Plasma coatings 

The chance that a shaft will become warped is eliminated by using these coating technologies. Additionally, shaft shear during operation or installation is also eliminated because the metal will not become brittle.

To ensure that total indicated runout, concentricity, and dimensional tolerances are met by the completed part, repaired surfaces are precision ground.

Sealing Surfaces

If a shaft becomes warped, seal surfaces can experience wear. Between the material and shaft, abrasive contaminants can sometimes find their way in. To repair surfaces and allow them to exist in better conditions, plating can be used. Various coating solutions are offered to improve wear resistance.

Repairing Bearing Surfaces

Due to bearing failure, bearing surfaces can be damaged. Additionally, damage to the shaft can occur during removal of the bearings. Without distorting the shaft, plating can repair bearing surfaces. Dimensions can be restored to typical bearing allowances through precision grinding.

Tapered Surfaces

To repair surfaces on shafts, in addition to industrial plating, expertise and experience are required. Whether a surface has a Morris taper, Jarno taper, or a different custom taper, with the right equipment and expertise, the tapered surface can be repaired to achieve the proper gauge line and restore it correctly.

Is industrial plating something your business can make use of? Chances are, if it is, your competition is already on board! Don’t get left behind.

Could You Make Good Use of Industrial Plating?

A representative from A&A Coatings will be happy to discuss with you whether or not your industry is already using industrial plating and if it could be of use in your facility. If you already know that you would like to look into industrial plating, consider A&A Coatings for all your plating needs.Contact us today to discuss plating or any other kind of industrial coating.

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