Industry Spotlight: Power & Energy

When it comes to the power and energy industry, the fear of high-temperature oxidation, fouling, wear and corrosion of power generation equipment is prevalent. That’s why these machinery components require power and energy coatings to operate without failure. If the equipment used are not treated or maintained as it should have been, it could quickly lead to premature wear and corrosion. When that happens, the company or organization will experience service outage and suffer costly downtime.

Applications for the Power & Energy Industry

At A&A Coatings, we have many years of experience working with organizations in the power & energy industry. As power and energy is one of our largest industry-specific customer bases, you can use our power & energy industry coatings for a great array of applications. Here is a quick look at some of those applications:

  • Power Generators

Power generators are known to be designed and built to meet highly demanding specifications to keep users on the leading edge of reliable, efficient output. If used regularly, these generators have to deal with advanced voltage stress as well as the risks of overheating and leakage. These are the reasons why power generators require industry-specific coating.

  • Gas Turbines

Gas turbines are comprised of three main sections, which is the turbine itself, the combustor or the compressor. High temperatures (much higher than steam turbines) as well as air particles that could potentially damage the compressor-turbine system are some of the problems that gas turbines systems come across.

  • Turbine Rotors

Most turbine rotors are often fabricated from expensive metal alloys such as Inconel. Taking into account that this is the rotary part of the machinery equipment, there is a possibility that damage from friction could arise.

  • Compressor Blades

Some manufacturers need to boost their equipment’s inlet temperatures over a thousand degree Celsius. The common solution is to engineer blade coatings and install the right cooling systems to protect the metallurgical components from thermal damage.

Thermal Spray Processes Often Utilized for the Power & Energy Industry

At A&A, we offer a myriad of thermal spray coating solutions that can solve many problems faced in the power and energy industry. Our coating services were developed and designed to keep abreast with rapid technological advancements in a great array of industries, power & energy included. Here is a quick look at some of the most preferred thermal spray processes:

Under the proprietary coating category at A&A Coatings, we have three types of coats, including Wirewear Protective Coating, Micrcoats and Cerami-Pak. These coatings are made via a nano-scale engineering process, and are designed to reduce risks of machine breakdown and operational downtime. As a result, companies that specialize in power generation can also reduce bridging faults; maintain their systems for increased reliability and more. In addition, the plasma spray and the HVOF coating process provide many benefits, including corrosion resistance and reducing hot gas infusion.

Want to know how to protect your power generation equipment? Contact us today to find out how A&A Coatings can help when it comes to coatings for the power & energy industry.

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