A Look At The Combustion Wire Spray Process

Combustion wire spray services typically include both dimensional surface restoration and anti-corrosion coatings. Either on-site, or in the shop, metal-based wires are utilized in this process which is frequently used in marine applications, petroleum tanks, chemical tanks, large steel structures, and more.

Executing the Process of Wire Spraying

The heat of combustion, fueled by a gas-oxygen flame (the temperature of the flame is approximately 3100°C), melts the wire material being sprayed. The molten tipped wire is atomized as compressed air surrounds the flame. The result is an acceleration of particles being sprayed toward a workpiece that has been prepped. This is a common choice for corrosion coatings and element repair. Wire options are lower melt temperature (or soft), and higher melt temperature (or hard).

Applications and Characteristics

Some of the more typical applications for which this method is appropriate, if not hugely popular, are as follows:

  • Storage tanks
  • Transport pipes
  • Steel structures

The two most significant key characteristics that make this coating process so desirable are 1) the fact that it has low gas consumption and high spray rates and 2) it can be used for on-site coatings because it is so portable.

A Thermal Spray System For Heavy-Duty Performance

Combustion wire spraying is a process that delivers precision control, is safer to operate than some other methods, easier, and more economical than some of the other choices of coating processes. The process of combustion wire spraying has been around for over half a century. It offers a solution that enhances profitability and productivity and has proven itself in a time-tested manner, performing dimensional restorations of surfaces and delivering anticorrosion coatings while reducing operating costs and extending component life.

How Does This Process Increase Productivity?

Your bottom-line profits are protected, and your productivity is improved through the use of this process. It performs well under a variety of diverse conditions while delivering the highest quality of coatings available through thermal spray processes. Take a look at these six factors related to profitability:

  • Operator safety
  • Combustion gasses and air are consumed economically
  • Maximum productivity is assured due to the quick set-up
  • Process gasses and air consumption are economical as well as maintenance costs
  • Specific requirements are met easily due to flexible configuration
  • High deposit efficiencies and high production spray rates

Equipment and Components Needed

This state-of-the-art wire combustion spray process utilizes the following equipment and key components:

  • Peripheral Equipment – oil free, dry, and clean air is required to ensure coating quality of the highest caliber. Spraying that is done in-shop requires a cabinet that is soundproof, an exhaust system, and a filtration system for air. This protects the environment and personnel.
  • Handling Equipment – coating repeatability and precision is improved through the workpiece handling equipment and the application gun. Protective coatings are applied in a precise manner due to the positioning of the gun in relation to the workpiece, the movement of that gun, and the precision maneuvering of the workpiece handling equipment.
  • Key Components – all systems responsible for combustion wire spray have required key elements consisting of the following: 1) a combustion wire spray gun which propels the protective coating onto the workpiece after heating it; 2) a wire control device which is responsible for getting the material for coating to the spray gun; 3) wire coating material for application; and finally, a way to accurately control the flow of oxygen and pressure, air and fuel gas required for the air cap and combustion.

If you have components that need protective coating or repairs or restorations that you feel could be executed through a process of combustion wire spring, contact the professionals at A&A Coatings to see how we can fulfill your needs.

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