What You Need To Know About Thermal Spray On Graphite

Graphite is a naturally formed polymer of carbon. It features essentially a 2D, planar crystal structure, and is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. In addition, it has the highest natural stiffness and strength of any material as well as being one of the lightest reinforcing agents that has stellar natural lubricity.

Graphite based coatings are needed in environments where there is a need to reduce the reactivity and permeability of a part towards oxygen, which could lead to oxidation. For many years, the traditional demand for graphite is largely associated with the steel industry, aerospace industry and other industries. Graphite thermal spray coatings are also very resistant to chemical attacks and can maintain stability and strength when exposed to temperatures in excess of more than 6,500 (°F).

Uses of Thermal Spray Graphite Materials

Coatings that contain graphite materials are often utilized as a liner for crucibles and ladles. Crucibles are either metal or ceramic containers which hold metals and other substances together while they are melted or subjected to extremely high temperatures. In addition, graphite is also the alloy component which is used in the manufacturing of tennis racket frames.

Today, graphite is widely recognized as one of the most common minerals used in today’s high tech driven industry. That’s why it can also be found in various industrial lubricants, polymer, metal powders and rubber components. As mentioned, pertaining to its relationship with the high-tech industry, it is also used in the manufacturing of alkaline batteries. Graphite has an important place in the automobile industry as well, as it is used in the manufacturing of engine parts, mechanical seals, friction components, clutch facings, brake linings, and more.

Graphite is Often Used as a Plasma Spray Material

One of the most popular thermal spray coating processes is none other than plasma spraying. Plasma spraying can produce stellar quality coatings that are compatible with a great array of materials. From refractory ceramics to metals, the coatings provide excellent corrosion protection, wear resistance, temperature management, clearance control to abradables and abrasives, and more. Plasma aluminum-graphite composite is a fine example of plasma spray coating materials. It is made up of organic binders, silicon, aluminum and graphite; the latter being the most utilized.

Nickel-Graphite Materials are Commonly Used in Coatings Made for the Aerospace Industry

It is common for lightning protection fibers to be used in the manufacturing process of airplanes. Aluminum airplanes are pretty conductive and have the capability to dissipate high currents that come from lightning strikes. Carbon fiber planes of today, on the other hand, are stronger and lighter. What’s more, it is much more resistant than aluminum to current flow.

The surface of a majority of external composite components of airplanes usually consists of a layer or ply of conductive material that offers protection against lightning strikes. Nickel-coated graphite cloths are often utilize for this job, and other options include conductive paints, aluminized fiberglass and metal meshes.

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