Preventing Rust With Thermal Spray Coatings

Perhaps you have finally chosen a trusted machining partner who can fabricate parts according to your exact specifications. Well, the last thing that you want to happen to these parts is allowing them to corrode. At A&A Coatings, we provide a wide variety of thermal spray coatings that are both affordable and can be completed in a timely manner. We have vast experience and expertise to ensure precision-machined parts enjoy longer lifespans while operating at the strict tolerances you expect of them. That’s why we offer quality anti-rust coatings that will keep your parts performing flawlessly.

What You Should Know about Rust

When oxygen and iron meet, an oxidation reaction occurs. Rust is a type of oxidation and it is often noticeable due to the iron oxide appearing in the form of an orange powder on the surface of the metal. With that in mind, you should also note that iron and steel are susceptible to rust when they are exposed to water and air. Some metals, however, have oxidation reactions that somehow slowdowns corrosion. You could be looking at metals such as bronze, brass and copper; they can develop a patina that protects the surfaces of metals.

Rust is Bad for Steel and Iron

As mentioned, rust can be detrimental to the structure of steel and iron.  Rust can replace stronger pieces of metals with a flakey powder that does not possess the same strength as the original metal pieces. If rust occurs on sheet metal, it will take the place of the metal itself and leave unsightly holes. Rust is not solely a visual issue as it also compromises the performance of parts. More flaky powders equal more friction. When a smooth surface of the part come into contact with the rusty side, the results are often undesirable. You see, these two parts are meant to slide past one another with minimal resistance. What’s more, rust is never a good conductor of electricity. In fact, it can ruin electronics that are made with iron alloys or just iron. Because rust is less magnetic than iron, it makes affected magnetic parts perform poorly.

Prevent Rust from Occurring with Anti-Rust Coatings

At A&A Coatings, you can be sure that we are the right company to help you avoid the detrimental effects of rust. With our industry-leading coating services, you can easily choose to finish your parts with coatings that have anti-rust properties while increasing the overall lifespan and performance of your parts. For starters, you may opt for pure metal base alloy coatings as they provide stellar protection against oxidation and high temperature wear. What’s more, they can even provide simple coatings that facilitate buildup repair in a seamless manner.

Pure metal based alloy coating materials are used in many thermal spray coating processes such as metalizing and spray & fuse hardfacing. You can opt for materials such as nickel based (Ni-based) alloys; NI-101 (atomized), cobalt-based (Co-based) alloys; CO-285 (atomized), and copper-based (Cu-based) alloys; CU-116 (atomized). Rest assured that these alloys are today’s premier options that can deliver the right protection for the surface of your products!

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