Thermal Spray Process Showcase: Machining Finishing Services

At A&A Coatings, we specialize in top-notch machining finishing services that can make the process of grinding, maching and polishing your coatings perfectly. For example, we can perform a single point machining procedure to bring a component within a defined diametrical tolerance, after it has been sprayed and undercut. In addition, we will only employ this procedure when a fine surface finish is not required on the work piece. In this process showcase, we will discuss about our machining finishing processes.

Our Machining Finishing Services

There are three main types of machining finishing services that we offer:

  • Grinding
  • Single point machining
  • Polishing

Under our wet grinding process, we are able to manufacture raw materials into a finished product that will be in a liquid form in the most effective manner. The process will also increase the dispersion and reduce the particle size. Our single point machining processes are suited for sprayed metals that have been cut and require a finish machining step. This process involves turning, planing and shaping which will cut away any unwanted material.

Our polishing services are designed to meet your specific surface finish requirements that cannot be achieved by other processes such as grinding. We have acquired a wealth of experience in the process of polishing sprayed metals and can even work with thin veneers that have been mechanically bonded to a base metal.

What are Our Capabilities for Machining Finishing Services at A&A Coatings?

A&A Coatings is able to develop machining finishing solutions that combine various machining procedures and surfacing technologies to achieve optimal equipment and component performance. In addition, we have quality assurance programs in place and they assure that each of our client’s projects meets the required specifications. Our facility also houses state of the art machine-shop capabilities that supports both post-treatment and pre-treatment of all thermal spray coated projects.

The Types of Equipment We Have for Machining Finishing

Below is a basic list of equipment that we use to perform our machining finishing services:

  • Grinders that are 288 inches long and 60 inches in diameter
  • Lathes that are 252 inches long and up to 156 inches in diameter
  • Vertical/horizontal CNC boring mills
  • CNC Horizontal Machining Centers
  • Equipment for surface inspection
  • Bearing pullers
  • Band Saws

We Provide Machining Finishing Services for Your Coatings

There is no secret to preparing a surface for thermal spray coating except for years of expertise and experience. At A&A Coatings, we have over 70 years of industry-related experience and can ensure the best results when it comes to undercutting a work piece to meet its specified coating material and thickness requirements. Our machining finishing procedures will ensure that the depth of the undercut will be equal to the finish thickness of coating. When you work with us, you have nothing to worry about as you will be in good hands at all times.

If you wish to learn more about our machining finishing services and our other capabilities, do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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