Thermal Sprays Using Molybdenum Powders

Why would anyone want to use molybdenum thermal spray powders? The answer is simple. This type of application can increase a product’s lifetime by repairing damaged or ragged surfaces. It also can help protect against the devastating effects of corrosion, erosion, and wear. To create present day thermal spray powder protection, an even coating of contiguous layers is formed by the disposition of powders covering a substrate.

Let’s take a closer look at how molybdenum thermal spray powders are changing the face of protective coatings.

Molybdenum Thermal Sprayed Powders

Designed for maximum flowability and spherical characteristics, molybdenum thermal spray powders were launched as a technological advancement in the field of thermal spray protective coatings. Used to not only protect but restore surfaces, molybdenum powders are optimized for spraying processes that are widely diverse. To assure performance consistency and enhance uniformity of powders, texture control is essential through the use of highly skilled engineers.

Spraying Processes Of a Diverse Nature

There are numerous spraying processes that can be used to deposit protective layers on a part, components, machine, or other surface. Some of these are as follows:

  • Detonation
  • HVOF or high-velocity oxy-fuel coating spraying
  • Flame
  • HVAF
  • Plasma


There are any number of possible applications when it comes to using molybdenum thermal sprayed powders. Well-known transportation modes using this type of protection method include the following:

  • Trains
  • Boats
  • Automobiles
  • Aircraft

Numerous industries make use of thermal spray coatings including the following:

  • Power generation
  • Food manufacturing and packaging
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Chemical plants
  • Mining

Additionally, when an application is vulnerable to usage and environmental effects, thermal sprayed protective coatings take on an essential role.

Specifications for Molybdenum Thermal Spray Powders

Various size specifications can apply to pure molybdenum powder:

  • PWA 1313 – 200+325
  • Fine grade – 325 mesh
  • Course grade – 170+325 mesh
  • Finest – PWA 1338

Characteristics Of Molybdenum Powder

Carbon can alloy with molybdenum powder to synthesize a carbon content of any level up to 6%. When needed, other custom-made alloy powder products can be created.

How Is Molybdenum Powder Shipped?

Typically, shipping methods consist of the powder being transported in 15 gallon (60 L) steel drums or polyethylene-lined, nonreturnable 5 gallon (20 L) plastic pails. Upon request, exclusive packaging may be available.

Combining Molybdenum Powders

A specially developed molybdenum-nickel-aluminum composite powder was created with extra distinct advantages – high integrity and one-step spraying. This material produces coatings that are exceptionally hard. It is used in wear resistance and hard bearing applications.

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