Today’s Advantages Of Powder Coating

In days of yesteryear, when you wanted to protect the surface of something, painting was an accepted and much used method. Today, however, powder coating is used in numerous industries and for any number of applications. Here we are going to take a look at some of powder coating’s benefits and why it’s so much better than old-fashioned painting – particularly in reference to equipment used in material handling.

What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the market for industrial equipment involved in material handling, you will frequently hear products referred to as being powder coated as opposed to the traditionally accepted method of old – being painted. Is there that big of a difference? Why all the hype? Turns out, painting and powder coating do have numerous differences. Far superior to the traditional process of using wet paint, powder coating not only wins out but does so through its many benefits and advantages. For equipment of this type, exceptional value is offered in the long run by powder coating that simply isn’t provided by old-fashioned painting.

Why Is Powder Coating So Superior?

If your company is looking at a comparison between painting and powder coating, they should be made aware that four main advantages are offered by powder. They are as follows:


Where the environmental impact of both is concerned, powder coating beats painting hands down. Paint has the following problems: to the environment and those using paint, hazardous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are present, and the paint itself is flammable. Powders are more environmentally friendly because they contain no solvents. Additionally, the process is cleaner. Negligible waste is experienced with powders because the material processed in overspray can be retrieved and reused.


Any color imaginable and various finishes are both offered by powder coatings. Parts can be customized for a particular application through the use of textured,  matte, and gloss finishes. To provide functionality and a unique appearance, powder coated finishes and colors can be mixed on the same product. Unlike other texturing applications, the bonding process of powder coatings makes them superior because they won’t wear off.


There is no dripping or running involved with powder, unlike paint. Surfaces that are powder coated resist chipping and scratching. Another aspect that makes powder coating superior to paint is that whatever finish is used will keep its vibrant color for a much longer period of time. Products that are powder coated will look just as good years down the line as they did when they were first coated.


Finally, possibly the biggest advantage of powder coating over traditional painting is the superior durability offered. Thanks to the intense bonding process, parts that are powder coated show less wear. Compared to painted parts, these parts are far more resistant to corrosion, moisture (weather), and chemicals.

When you want the highest quality finish possible, but still want material handling equipment that is exceedingly durable, powder coating is the way to go.

All of the powder coatings used in today’s thermal spray industry are included in our repertoire at A&A Coatings. Whether you are in the material handling industry or some other business, our coatings can be beneficial in numerous ways. If you’d like to make your plant safer, improve your company’s bottom line, or if you’d simply like more information about how our coatings can be of use, contact us today.

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