Top Advantages Of Using Arc Thermal Spray

Otherwise known as twin wire arc spray, arc thermal spray is one of the simpler and older ways of thermal spray coating. Over the years, technologies have helped to advance and modernize thermal spray methods. The technology that was once limited to only simple alloys and metals can now be used on extremely hard materials like carbides and ceramics. Even after such evolutions in technology, arc thermal spray technology still remains valuable as the ideal way for custom alloy coatings, sacrificial corrosion coatings, dimensional restoration, as well as bearing surfaces. Read on to learn more about the advantages associated with arc thermal spray.

Custom Alloy Coatings

What makes the arc spray stand out from other technologies is how the spray material is being fed during the application process. Using arc thermal spray, the gun feeds two separate wires that charge them positive and negative, eventually causing them to arc and melt. Compressed air will then propel these molten droplets onto the surface.

Since arc thermal spray uses two separate wires, operators can easily create custom alloys through feeding wires of different materials. For example, you can combine the use of bronze and carbon steel to create a surface coating that is more resistant to wear as compared to plain bronze. Depending on your needs, you can explore and combine materials to achieve one with desirable traits.

Sacrificial Corrosion Coating

Sacrificial corrosion coating is another application of arc thermal spray. Using aluminum as well as zinc-aluminum, arc spray will help provide an anodic layer that attracts corrosion, keeping the underlying surface well protected. In addition, arc sprays are also porous which means that they accept sealants more easily as compared to a regular steel or carbon surface.

Dimensional Restoration

One of the most basic uses of arc thermal spray technology is dimensional restoration. Over time, it is inevitable that rotating parts experience surface erosion. When the part wears out of its round shape, it becomes a problem as the rotation will no longer be balanced. This will then lead to a decrease in operating efficiencies, potentially cause damage to other components of the machine, as well as produce a loud noise.

When this happens, arc thermal spray can be used to help remanufacture the affected surface and even restore it back to OEM specifications.

Bearing Surfaces

Using thermal spray allows many materials to be used for soft bearing surfaces. These soft bearing surfaces can then be used for deformation so that small amounts of misalignments can be accommodated by the bearing area. Arc spray can be used to apply babbitt, brass, bronze, as well as aluminum bronze. 

Using a thermal spray to apply these coatings is more economical and has the benefit of porosity, making it the preferred choice as compared to making parts entirely from the materials. Are you looking for a thermal spray coating service that you can rely on? If so, you have come to the right place. At A&A Coatings, we excel at providing cost-effective and reliable thermal spray coating services for all of our clients.

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