Top Tips To Measure Thickness Of Metal Coatings

Conventional coatings are measured for dry film thickness and wet film thickness in accordance with certain standards. When it comes to thermal sprayed metal coatings, the method for thickness measurement differs slightly. The single reading measurement position, number of readings, and measurement frequency is different, even though the same type of measuring instrument is used.

Thermal Spray Metal Coating Measurement Instrument

Generally, an electronic dry film thickness gauge is the instrument of choice when measuring thermally sprayed metal coating thickness. It is likely a Type 2 gauge but, for the measurement of metal coatings which are thermal sprayed, a Type I can be used. However, due to low measurement accuracy and inconvenient calibration and measurement, at least in practical applications, the Type I is seldom used.

Calibration of a Dry Film Thickness Gauge

For measuring thicknesses, the Type II electronic dry film gauge mentioned above must be calibrated. This is done with a plastic calibration sheet of standard thickness. Both after and before every measurement, the substrate’s surface must be cleaned (this particularly applies to blasting) for measurement.

Methods of Measurement

Every 100 to 200 square feet (10 to 20 square meters), a line measurement and point measurement (see below) of the thermal spray coating surface should be performed.

  • Point measurement – To measure the thickness of a coating, the point measurement method should be used for complex component surfaces. For this thickness measurement, five points are arbitrarily selected in a circular 1.6 square inch (10 square centimeter) area. The thickness of the measuring point is determined by taking the five measuring points and determining an average for the readings.
  • Line measurement – The method of line measurement is recommended for flat component surfaces. On a line, take at least five measurement readings. Each selected point for reading is 1 inch (25 mm). To determine the line’s measured reading (the dry film thickness), take the five measuring points and determine an average.

Choose A Reputable Company for Accurate Coding Thicknesses

The experts and technicians at A&A Coatings are highly familiar with today’s application methods, equipment, coating products, and all measuring specs and techniques. We are certified to work for the United States Navy and the Department of Defense. Additionally, we have a quality system that has been top government agency audited and written in accordance with MIL-I-45208. What does all of that mean? What it boils down to is that A&A Coatings is knowledgeable, trusted, and capable of delivering the highest quality service and products – no matter who you are or what industry you are involved in.

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