Understanding the Value That Thermal Spray Coatings Can Create In 2019 And Beyond

A simple thermal spray coating on tools, medical implants, cylinder bores, manufacturing equipment, etc., can offer a more efficient, longer lasting outcome. This can save a business time and money; shorten a medical patient’s healing process and improve their outcome; and lengthen the service life of tools. Read on to learn more about the importance of thermal spray coatings.

Surgical Implant Coatings Support Recovery

There are several kinds of coatings to assist with medical procedures and all of them can improve a patient’s outcome. Medical implants are often rejected by the recipient and they can develop an infection or become inflamed. Implants with bone are particularly challenging. Typically, they don’t fuse fast enough; therefore, the patient’s healing process will slow because of the reduction of the stability of the implant. However, adding a silver-containing layer to the titanium implants can stop the patient from rejecting the implant and prevent inflammation; thereby the need for a second operation is reduced. Also, a mineral coating can be added to titanium bone implants. This porous, biocompatible structure encourages bone growth and enhances the stable connection between the bone and implant.

Cylinder Surfaces Reduce Oil Consumption

Although car engines are becoming more efficient, environmentally friendly, and lighter, there is now additional stress on the engine parts. This is due to the need to run at higher temperatures to burn fuel more efficiently. However, new technology can reduce friction and increase heat resistance. A special coating to the cylinder bores results in a fuel savings of 2% and a reduction in oil consumption of 30%.

Performance Efficiency and Protection

A thermal spray coating can protect equipment from erosive materials such as sand, gravel, and silt. On turbine blades, for example, the efficiency of an adjustable propeller allowing the turbine to operate in various flow conditions will be greatly reduced if it becomes exposed to cavitation or fluid erosion. The high efficiency and performance of all the equipment will be ensured if the blades are protected. With a thermal spray coating, the blades’ service life is significantly extended while continuing to maintain the expected output of turbine power.

Micro-tools’ Service Life Lengthened

Micro-tools are essential elements of the manufacturing process in the watchmaking and electronics industries. However, drills with a diameter as small as 0.1mm will become worn after only 10 to 20 operating cycles. With a coating of aluminum chromium nitride or aluminum titanium nitride, the service life will not only be lengthened to up to 1000 operating cycles, but the same drill will also increase in precision.

Lower Cost and Maximum Efficiency for Mass Market

Turbochargers are instrumental in improving vehicle efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions for car manufacturers. Thermal spray coatings can enhance their performance considerably, increase clearance control efficiency, and cut down on costs. Even with a spray coating, turbochargers can remain on the mass market at an attractive price.

Clean Prints for Perfect Artwork

In flexographic printing, when the printing plate and ink are not exactly metered together, the result is a messy and dirty print. It is also expensive because the entire print run is now ruined. Plasma-sprayed chromium oxide is used as a coating to ensure successful laser engraving of the ink-metering cells and to preserve the quality of the anilox rolls. This also protects the anilox roll from the ink corroding them.

Tools and equipment are essential to business. Take care of them by keeping them coated with a thermal spray coating by A&A Coatings. This will increase productivity and decrease costs. Contact us for more information.

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