Ways Thermal Spray Can Help The Print Industry

Since the printing press was invented in the 15th century, it has remained constant and evolved tremendously over the years. While advancements in digital technologies like social media platforms may have slowed the need for print, the fact remains that the print industry remains an integral part of everyday lives and will continue to thrive. Contrary to popular belief, the print industry has continued to grow in recent years. In 2018, the sales of the print industry grew by 1.7%. This is made possible through advancements in print technology that help print industries cut costs and focus on what’s important. One such advancement cost-saving method is thermal spray technology. Read on to learn more about thermal spray technologies and how they help the print industry.

Parts in The Print Industry

Before we dive into how thermal spray helps the print industry, we must first understand the parts commonly used and involved in the print industry. In newspaper print rooms, large numbers of machines and parts are constantly being used to create a print. As such, when the time comes for the replacement of such parts, a big budget will need to be allocated.

After years of service, even printers of the highest quality will wear and develop gouges and grooves in them. Every part will eventually wear out and reach the end of its life. While we cannot prevent that from happening, what we can do is prolong the life of the equipment as much as possible.

Thermal Spray And Wear Resistance

One of the best ways to reduce the large costs associated with the replacement or maintenance of damaged parts is through the use of thermal spray technology. Instead of having to purchase OEM replacement parts all the time, you can simply use a thermal spray to prep, and coat affected areas to create a brand new working surface. These coatings are also likely to be resistant to wear and corrosion, meaning they stay serviceable for a longer time.

Besides that, thermal spray can also help to increase the hardiness of roller surfaces by nearly four times as much as compared to chrome plating. With increased durability, roller surfaces will likely stay serviceable for a longer duration and thereby reduce the need for maintenance. The thermal spray not only helps to extend life beyond the original print roll but also helps to get damaged equipment in operation.

Tool for Repair

Thermal spray can also be used in other applications in the print industry. This includes bearing housing repair, draw roller repair, chop fold roller repair, slitter roller repair, and others alike. As such, thermal spray is extremely versatile and an ideal solution to keep operations cost-effective. 

Why Choose A&A Coatings?

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