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Coating Technology

From our 3 patented coatings to hundreds of blends, our team has the custom solution for you.

Machining Services

From pre-machining to finishing, we offer a full array of custom solutions.


Our coatings service a wide variety of Industries.


Learn more about our coating materials for thermal spray applications.


From corrosion protection to restoration and repair, our services can extend the life of your equipment and save you thousands.


Take a look at some recent projects in our Portfolio.

About A&A

A&A Thermal Spray Coatings

A&A Coatings for over 70 years has been at the forefront of the Thermal Spray Coating industry. We are a unique Plant devoted exclusively to the application of Metal, Ceramic, Cermet and Hardfaced Coatings. Combining this Coating specialization with our complete grinding, lapping and machining capabilities provides you a service unmatched elsewhere. Our custom tailored coatings meet your needs by extending the life of critical Parts, salvaging costly mismachined Parts, repairing worn Parts and lowering downtime. Over the years we have developed many proprietary Coatings to solve specific industry problems.

About us

Cerami-Pak® Coatings for packaging, A706 for the printing industry, Microcoat® Coatings for the semi-conductor industry, Wirewear® Coatings for the wire drawing industry, are just four of these Proprietary Coatings we have developed. Because of this problem-solving attitude and the ability to meet our customers' needs, we have built a long list of satisfied customers with a reputation for quality, fast turnaround and dependable service.

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Our Testimonials
  • Rick S Rick S

    Thank you and your crew for pulling this off. Great job!

    - Rick S.

  • Lisa W Lisa W

    It was very important for us to receive these for a tool shipment. I very much appreciate the work that you have been doing with the engineers as well as meeting this commitment.

    - Lisa W.

  • Susan C Susan C

    I can’t thank you and your team enough for your help. I greatly appreciate it!

    - Susan C.

  • Sam A Sam A

    A&A's ability to service our needs, like they have in the past, helps build a good relationship for future endeavors. We look forward to working with A & A on future projects.

    - Sam A.

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