4 Aerospace Parts That Can Be Coated With Thermal Spray

You might be happy to find out that aerospace thermal spray coating has been used for decades to repair components and add protection against the elements. This type of technology prolongs the lifespan of aerospace components and saves a fortune when it comes to maintenance and repair costs.

Thermal spray coating is also successfully used in automotive, manufacturing, construction and other industries. Keep reading to learn what types of aerospace components are the best candidates for thermal spraying services.

Engine Components

As you can probably imagine, the engine components of an aerospace vehicle go through unimaginable temperatures in flight. They heat up quickly, they are constantly cooled and the process repeats again and again. Thermal coating can provide protection against extreme heat and ensure that the engine components of aerospace vehicles perform optimally.

For example, turbine blades, compressor blades, combustion lines and other engine components can all greatly benefit from thermal spray coating. Engineers and technicians can also adjust the thickness of the coating to fit the specific requirements of individual engine components.

Landing Gear

The landing gear of an aircraft can also take a lot of punishment, especially when the aerospace vehicle lands on a designated runway. The amount of pressure and heat taken by the landing components are enormous and that’s why they would benefit from applying thermal coating regularly.

Thermal spray coats don’t only protect against extreme temperatures, but they also provide additional protection against debris that might be present on the runway. Experts can reliably apply thermal spray coating on the wheel components, hydraulic systems, and more.


The airfoils are movable components that help an aircraft change direction and altitude while in the air. These elements are also very important and they routinely come in contact with any impurities or obstacles present in the air. Applying thermal coats on these elements can protect them against birds and similar obstacles.

In the case airfoils are damaged by debris while flying, thermal spraying services can help restore these elements to their original condition. This is done by spraying minuscule particles on the damaged components to repair them completely.

Thrust Reversers

Thrust reversers are plane components that do exactly what the name implies. They reverse the thrust of a particular jet or aircraft for braking purposes. Fighter planes usually deploy a parachute to help them slow down when landing. However, this is not sufficient for large commercial airplanes.

These vehicles use thrust reversers that push hot exhaust in front of the plane to help them brake more efficiently. Applying thermal coats on thrust reversers helps these components resist extreme temperatures with each flight. At the same time, thermal spraying also adds protection against debris, corrosion, moisture and other damaging agents.

Thermal spraying offers numerous advantages such as providing protection against corrosion and oxidation, increasing reliability and so on. This service can also be successfully used to make affordable repairs and save your aerospace business a fortune in the long run.

At A&A Coatings, we strive to provide our clients with some of the best coating services available. Contact us today to learn how cold and thermal spraying can benefit your business in the aerospace industry.

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