Important Mining Equipment And How To Extend Their Service Lifespan

Understanding mining equipment is essential to work in the industry. Mining professionals go through training on a regular basis to keep their skills sharp and stay on top of the latest technology, equipment, techniques, etc. To keep mining equipment working its best, it must be operated correctly and adequately protected. The best way to guard mining equipment against harm today is with protective coatings. There are numerous methods of thermal spray applications through which to apply any number of protective coatings.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mining equipment in use.

Conveying and Feeding

Essential to the mining industry are both conveying and feeding equipment. This equipment controls and moves material within processing and mining operations. The use of conveying and feeding machinery facilitates equipment operation in a more efficient manner, determining operating yields and rates.

Equipment for Crushing

This should come as no surprise – the name says it all – stone and rock are crushed through the use of crushing equipment. The equipment is designed for high reduction and maximum productivity rates. This mining equipment can cover a range of jobs and, therefore, comes in a variety of different types.

Earth Movers

To carry loose earth and soil from location to location, regular use of earthmovers is depended upon for aboveground mining. An important role is played by this equipment thanks to its special design. Added positive characteristics are its ability to be more practical in mining projects and work more easily on large earth moving assignments.

Tools for Blasting

An essential part of the mining industry are all of the tools used in blasting. This is how workers fracture and break down materials (rocks). Whichever sought-after product the particular mining project is after is liberated by use of a precisely determined amount of explosive. Blasting is also used when personnel and mining machines need to get to a particular area that is blocked or covered by unwanted material.

At predetermined depths, holes are drilled by unmanned drill rigs. If these machines are not in perfect working order, the specific size fraction desired will not be achieved. This will have a negative effect on the blasting process. One of the most hazardous aspects of the job is the utilization of blasting equipment in both open pit and underground mining operations.

Drilling Equipment

Without drilling, there would be no mining industry. When, far beneath the ground, desirable minerals or rocks are located, underground mining equipment, including drilling equipment, is used. To place the explosive charges discussed above, drilling equipment is needed. More and more, remote control machinery is being used to place less of a physical demand on workers and keep them safer. Workers could not complete underground mining activities without the drills used to clear the way.

A&A Coatings And the Mining Industry

Mining environments are known for their severity. They’re hard on both man and machine. The three biggest problems where mining equipment is concerned are corrosion, combat wear, and abrasion.  These problems can increase operational costs and reduce efficiency.

A&A Coatings offers superior coatings to protect mining equipment against wear degradation, corrosion, and more. Through the use of our various protective methods, the mining industry can use equipment for longer periods of time. This saves on maintenance costs and replacement costs.

We even refurbish mining components when needed. Contact one of the specialists at A&A Coatings today to find out more.

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