4 Popular Uses For The Electric Arc Spray Process

Possibly one of the best solutions for those seeking a corrosion proof, reliable, and hard wearing finishing technique is to use the electric arc spray process. To ensure a top quality product, a significant role is played by this finishing technique throughout many industries where it is widely used. In this modern world in which we live, this process has become a vital technology whose common uses are highlighted below.

Electric Arc Spray Process In Wind Turbines

In order to correctly perform its job, extreme resilience and climate resistance are needed in structures such as wind turbines. To be resistant to all types of weather, a highly finished surface is necessary. Commonly, a blend of zinc and aluminum applied through the arc spray technique is used on the turbine. So effective is this essential finish that a turbine’s lifespan can be extended for a possible two decades. Extended lifespans translate into reduced fees for maintenance through the years.

The Technique Used in Structural Steelwork

In the world of structural steelwork projects, as in the world of architectural settings, arc spraying techniques are extremely common. If harsh climate conditions exist, buildings which will be exposed to those conditions are the perfect candidate for these spray techniques as they apply coatings that can easily last for over two decades.

The beautiful finish offered by arc sprayed metal, even without any significant maintenance, can last for many years. One example of this is the use of this technique in Dubai hotels. Here, some of the area’s most well-known hotels have used an arc-sprayed metal finish to withstand the harsh conditions present in this corner of the world.

The Process Applied to LPG Cylinders

The integrity of an LPG cylinder is crucial making it essential that metal erosion caused by dangerous corrosion be stopped in its tracks. This is why the arc spraying technique is a standard method in finishing LPG cylinder surfaces.

Rather than replacing these cylinders, they are commonly simply refurbished. During that process, one of the fundamental techniques will be to thoroughly cleanse the cylinder with a grit and sand blast to assure a pristine surface. This is essential for the protective chemical coating to bond with the metal. This cleaning process is followed by a heavy duty zinc arc spray finish.

The Arc Spray Process in Architectural Coatings

In the architectural industry, the arc sprayed finish, due to its corrosion resistant nature, is a popular choice. It is applicable on everything from decks to critical support columns to window frames or door frames. Its corrosion proof nature means that any surface that is exposed to an outdoor environment becomes a good candidate for this particular technique. And though not always viewable from the outside, many architectural components have an external connection that exposes them to weather conditions, though not evident at first sight.

As you can see, the electric arc spray process feels right at home in a wide range of industries. It is a fundamental technique. This technology delivers much in the way of ultimate protection and offers a finished result that does not disappoint. If you would like to find out more about this process and what protective coatings can do for your company, A&A Coatings can assist you in answering all your questions and providing stellar service.

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