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Nanotechnology And The Thermal Spray Process

A multidisciplinary branch of science, nanotechnology (as it applies to manufacturing) takes a look from an atomic level (or molecular level) at engineering. More precisely, however, on a nanoscale. One billionth of a meter is equal to one nanometer. Smaller yet, at approximately 1/10 of a nanometer, is an atom (just to give you some […]

Understanding Nanoceramic Coating Technologies

Thanks to the diligent work of scientists everywhere, the field of science is constantly expanding and developing. With the development of nanoceramic coating, nanometer science made its mark in the protective coating industry. Thanks to the special properties of nanometer powders, the military, electronics, and aerospace industries have done some expanding and developing of their […]

Use Of Anti-Graffiti Coatings Is Growing

Graffiti – art or nuisance? On one side of the coin, graffiti might be something that is in the eye of the beholder. On the other side of the coin, however, remains the fact that people put graffiti in places where it was never meant to be. And when graffiti “artists” start defacing the sides, […]

Moisture And Condensation Solutions Are Easy With Thermal Spray Coatings

For multiple industries, major problems are caused by the issue of condensation. This can be water dripping from skylights, pipes, overhead ducts, etc. It could also be water freezing on windmill blades and other exterior surfaces. Either way, condensation costs money and time. And when condensation collects on ceilings and walls, major mold issues can […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Materials Engineering

When it comes to the manufacturing and construction of tools and equipment, a vital role is played by materials. The right or wrong kind of material can add or subtract exponentially to the life and economy of the machinery. These materials need to be engineered (or fashioned). Materials engineering, or surface fashioning, employs various aspects. […]

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