Understanding Nanoceramic Coating Technologies

Thanks to the diligent work of scientists everywhere, the field of science is constantly expanding and developing. With the development of nanoceramic coating, nanometer science made its mark in the protective coating industry. Thanks to the special properties of nanometer powders, the military, electronics, and aerospace industries have done some expanding and developing of their own. In the past, ceramic materials were traditionally used in these industries with good success. But through research and development, better coating technologies were realized.

Traditional Versus Nano

The application of traditional ceramic materials, due to their strength, toughness, and brittle quality, was limited. But the ceramic materials were indispensable because of properties like corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and high hardness. Special properties are possessed by nanometer powders – like quantum size affect, small size effect, and surface effect. Nanoceramics coating use in the above-stated industries has been not only ongoing, but significantly furthered, since the 1990s.

Coating Functions Of Nanoceramic Application

The following six coating functions apply to the application of nanoceramic coatings:

Nano TiO2 Coating

A steel corrosion protection coating is comparable, as electroplating sacrificial metal, to cathodic protection. The major difference here is that TiO2 can be used as permanent anti-corrosion coating because it does not undergo anodic dissolution. It has a good effect when applied to stainless steel antisepsis.

Nanostructured Al203/TiO2

With a long service life and reliability, nano Al203/TiO2 overcomes the defects of low toughness and binding strength possessed by conventional coatings. It can be used in instances when the application of coatings is difficult and, in large quantities, can replace conventional ceramic coatings. It is frequently used to increase the life of components in land vehicles, spacecraft, ships, and more.

Nanostructured Self Lubricating

Wear and friction mainly occur on solid surfaces. To ensure proper operation of joints that move, the development of special lubricating methods and materials is needed. These parts also present a challenge because they work at extremely high temperatures, at extremely low temperatures, and in a vacuum. Nanostructured self-lubricating coating can be applied to any number of mechanical parts such as a supporting shaft, roller, CAM, heavy-duty rear shaft handle, gear, bearing, cylinder body, piston, and more.

Nanostructured WC/Co

WC/Co (tungsten carbide/cobalt) is an incredible anti-wear and anti-friction metal ceramic coating. It has excellent toughness, good bonding strength, and high hardness. It is used in applications such as electric power, metallurgy, automobile, and aerospace, as well as other fields. Its main characteristics are to repair worn parts and for the wear resistance of matrix metals. Without WC/Co, the life and performance of engines would be severely affected by fatigue, corrosion, abrasion, and adhesive wear.

Thermal Barrier Coating Nanostructures ZrO2

This TBC (thermal barrier coating) is used mainly in dynamic and thermal corrosive static atmosphere and high-temperature atmosphere. The reason for this is that it can significantly improve thermal efficiency, increase gas turbine power, and reduce turbine surface temperature. In aero engines, it has been successfully applied. So much so, in fact, that its use now extends to motorcycles, cars, and diesel engines.

Nanostructured TBC’s have excellent properties such as low thermal conductivity and, at high temperature, good stability. Zr02 has good stability at high temperature and low thermal conductivity, and so is excellent as a thermal barrier coating.

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