What A&A Coatings Can Do For Steel Roll Maintenance

Steel is identified as an alloy of iron and other elements such as carbon. It is also a widely used material in construction because it features high tensile strength. With that in mind, quality steel roll maintenance is an essential aspect of operating in industries such as textile, steel, paper, printing, and more.

If you adhere to periodic maintenance procedures, you will be able to add several years of service lifespan, minimize the need for costly replacements, and reduce cost of repairs. In addition, you enjoy peace of mind as your equipment will be able to operate properly and not break down easily, which can cause loss of efficiency. At A&A Coatings, we are the professionals you can trust for stellar steel roll maintenance. Let’s find out more.

Key Service Features for Steel Roll Maintenance

At A&A Coatings, we have been providing steel roll maintenance services for nearly seven decades. Here’s a quick look at some of the key service features:

  • Thermal spray coating (includes plasma spraying and the High Velocity Oxygen Fuel process)
  • Use of laser technology for rolls assembly alignment purposes
  • Non-destructive measurement and assessment
  • Rolls and components manufacturing
  • Anti-vibration correction via dynamic balancing
  • Optical mirror or matte finishing
  • Machining and precision grinding
  • Conventional welding repair
  • Conversion coating and plating

Types of Steel Roll Components that We Maintain

Since our inception, we have helped many organizations maintained a great array of steel roll components, including the following:

  • Chill rolls
  • Blanket rolls
  • Impression rolls
  • Compression rolls
  • Forming rolls
  • Guide rolls
  • Wire rolls
  • Calendar rolls
  • Paper rolls
  • … and more!

Understanding the Plasma Spraying Process

Plasma spray is a widely used thermal spray coating process to produce stellar quality coatings. The process utilizes a combination of high particle velocities, a relatively inert spraying medium (such as argon), high energy heat source, and high temperature.

For plasma spraying to work, the gas will be raised to a high temperature that it ionizes and becomes electrically conductive. That’s why it can produce coatings that feature exceptional bond strength. What’s more, plasma spraying has the ability to minimize distortion of the substrate. If you want to increase the wear resistance and oxidation resistance of your steel roll components, this is a good thermal spray coating process to go for.

Understanding the HVOF Process

HVOF is understood as a type of high-velocity combustive spray that delivers a friction-reducing, powdered coating material. In most cases, the spray heads used in this process will mix oxygen and a combustible fuel like hydrogen, propylene, acetylene, and kerosene. It is interesting to note that this mixture is then sprayed in a jet-like manner at extreme temperatures of up to 6000 degree Fahrenheit.

If you need very dense coatings for your steel roll components, it is recommended that you opt for the HVOF process as the greater particle impact velocities creates coatings with lower porosity. What’s more, the existence of less through porosity often leads to improved corrosion protection. So, if your machinery is deployed in a corrosive environment, you have nothing to worry about.

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