All You Need To Know About Metal Film Coatings

First things first: What are metal film coatings? Obtained by primary coating, this refers to a solid continuous film. It is used to prevent corrosion and can be applied to a structural component’s surface. A metal film coating can be used on plastic, fabric, metal, and more. The beneficial implications of metal film coatings are not limited to just anti-corrosion, however. They are also used for decoration, insulation, protection, etc.

The bottom line is this: When the right material is used for a metal film, it makes components and parts last longer because they are more durable.

Metal coatings come in various types.

Metal Coatings By Type

Electroless coatings – These can also be referred to as conversion coatings. Black oxide or some other conversion process generates conversion coatings. Corrosion protection is improved by the use of these coatings.

Ion plating – Another way of creating a coating is with thermal evaporation. Ion manipulation, atom sputtering, ion sputtering, thermal evaporation, and electroplating are all production processes involved with this coating.

Zinc – Galvanized coating is another way of saying zinc coating and, as well as being one of the most popular metal coatings in existence, is the most commonly used. It is perfect for use on carbon steel and was originally designed to fight corrosion. This coating also works against oxidation. It keeps both edges and the surface around holes protected thanks to galvanic action.

Aluminum – Both pure aluminum hot dipped coatings and hot dipped aluminum silicon offer resistance against rust and provide protective qualities. For applications involving shields, automobiles, heating panels, and more, aluminum film is perfect thanks to its extreme heat resistance. To fight against atmospheric corrosion, it offers long-lasting protection. Optoelectronic, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries use these coatings frequently.

What’s So Special About Metal Coatings?

Before spraying, the metal surface to which the coating will be applied must be roughened and pre-cleaned. The shape and size of the parts or equipment being sprayed are virtually unlimited. The process is basic and simple. According to the requirements, good alloy or metal coating can be obtained.

Oxidation, physical barriers, and corrosion can all be protected against on parts and components with metal coatings. Durable performance is provided by these coatings, allowing businesses to save on the following:

  • Manufacturing expenses
  • Premature replacement costs

In short, the appropriate metal coatings allow businesses to enjoy cost savings and improved, longer-lasting performance.

Metal Coatings by A&A Coatings

A&A Coatings can provide your company with the precise type of metal coating needed to suit your purposes. In addition to protecting new components and parts, thermal spray services can also rebuild or reshape some pieces. So, with our services, you could possibly rebuild old parts, saving on replacement costs. But in addition, you can protect new parts, assuring a longer lifespan and reduced downtime, maintenance costs, etc.

If you’d like to discuss what type of coating material best suits your needs, contact one of the knowledgeable experts at A&A Coatings today. Each minute that you hesitate, corrosive and abrasive materials are attacking your parts, components, machinery, and other surfaces. Don’t let the elements win! Protect your investment by using today’s thermal sprayed coatings.

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