Are You Considering Using Thermal Spray Coatings On Metal and Plastic Components?

Thermal spray coatings, advanced processing methods, and other engineered coatings take normal plastic and metal components and help push their performance. The following will be some processing tips and design guidelines that should assist in the aesthetic improvement or better quality life expectancy of many components.

Thermal Spray Coatings

From hospital beds to golf club heads, and from galvanized steel to jet engine turbines, a wide range of applications are handled by thermal spray coatings. These coatings were designed for environments that are particularly grueling. Where the primary demands are wear resistance and heat resistance, they excel. But they don’t stop there! Thermal spray coatings can also restore parts to their initial form, provide frictional and electrical properties, and boost oxidation and chemical resistance.

Where You Will Find Thermal Spray Coatings

The industry that uses thermal spray coatings the most is, since the 1950s, the aerospace industry. The coatings are applied to resist heat, corrosion, and wear. They are expected to offer premium performance under conditions that are extremely intense and meet typical landing gear and aircraft engine requirements.

The work life of processing-line rolls used in the steel industry is shortened due to dross development and wear. Some of the harshest conditions of all can be found on galvanizing lines where, at approximately 850°F, pots of molten zinc are used. Corrosion and wear resistant tungsten carbide is used to coat directional sink and stabilizer rolls.

In paper mills, just like in the steel industry, rolls are used. This time, however, they are used on paper converting lines. The coatings on these rolls protect paper product quality, aid release, and mitigate wear.

Thermal spray coatings are used in the gas and oil industry to coat pumps, turbines, and compressors. Coatings that are wear resistant are used on sleeves, piston rods, and shafts to ensure smooth operation and extend equipment life.

Offering More Than Just Protection

Thermal spray coatings are used across all industries for restorative work, as in the case of worn tooling. When worn beyond acceptable tolerance, dyes and tools can be restored, via thermal spray coatings, to their original specifications. Also, as an economical alternative to chrome plating, more affordable thermal spray is commonly used.

While the appropriate coating can assist a metal surface in resisting corrosion and erosion, or rebuild a part or component once it has been damaged, thermal spray coatings can also be applied to plastic.

Plastics Coated with Thermal Spray

Industries can boost plastic component performance through the use of thermal sprayed coatings. They are frequently used to coat feed screws, injection molding screws, and much more. Coatings can increase the lifetime of a coated part by 10 times, sometimes longer. How long the lifespan can be extended has everything to do, however, with the materials processed. Widely used for the coating of plastic components are HVOF coatings.

A&A Coatings can help determine the precise kind of coating required for the needs of your industry and your business. They can also assist in choosing the appropriate application method. Contact one of our knowledgeable experts today to find out how thermal spray coatings can protect your components, rebuild them, and lower your maintenance/parts costs.

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