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The use of high quality thermal spray coatings translates into increased fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance cost and higher speed in aircraft and rotorcraft engines, as well as other related components. Thermal spray coatings from A&A Coatings are instrumental in a long list of applications for reaching high performance levels and meeting quality requirements.

Coating and Spraying Services Offered for the Aerospace and Rotorcraft Industry

A&A Coatings offers structural repair and maintenance solutions for a range of applications in the aviation industry. Our services have been highly sought after for both civilian and military applications. Some of our coatings include metal, ceramic, cermet and composite materials. Our solutions for the aerospace industry include:

  • Aircraft/Rotorcraft Gas Turbine Engine Coating Solutions

We use various abradable thermal spraying powders that are highly instrumental in aircraft turbo-machinery clearance control applications. Abradable coatings are highly effective in reducing emissions and fuel consumption in turbo-machinery. Typical applications of thermal spray coatings include rotor-path linings, high-pressure turbine seals, compressor seals, bearings, oil seals and more.

  • Hot Section Component Coating Solutions

We use Zirconia-based ceramic spraying materials that are useful in insulating layers in thermal barrier coating systems that are integral to aero engine components. Thermal barrier coatings enable engines to operate at higher gas temperatures whereas the components are not heated to the same level. This results in greater fuel control and extended component service lifespan.

  • Airframe Component Coating Solutions

A&A Coatings uses primarily hard-faced coatings for building wear resistance in airframes. Besides being recommended for superior protection against solar energetic particles and many secondary neutrons, thermal spraying is also effective in building resistance against fretting, sliding, wear and corrosion to flap tracks, landing gear and other airframe components.

A&A Coatings is the Best Thermal Spray Partner for the Aerospace and Rotorcraft Industry

The materials engineers and spray technicians at our company have rich experience in developing thermal spray coatings for the aerospace and rotorcraft industry. With our advanced and sophisticated thermal spraying solutions, we assure you that your products will gain durability to serve you for longer. What’s more, we offer competitive pricing and a quick turnaround time to benefit our esteemed clients.

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