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defense-militaryA&A Coatings has many years of expertise in enhancing equipment performance and facilitating wear and corrosion resistance of defense and military components through our thermal spray coating technology. Our diverse coating services are available for both metallic and non-metallic equipment surfaces that are corrosion and wear prone. Additionally we can apply conductive, non-conductive and EMI/RFI shielding coatings.

Coating and Spraying Services Offered for the Defense & Military Industry

Our coating solutions are widely used in the defense & military sector, most prominently in the Navy, and are focused on the protection and enhancement of components including those within Submarines, Surface Ships and Aircraft. Here is a look at some of our service highlights for this industry:

  • Wear and Corrosion Control

A&A coatings has extensive experience in both the development and application of wear and corrosion resistant coatings for the U.S. Navy and other defense entities. We routinely apply materials such as Alumina-Titania Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide, Tungsten Carbide-Nickel Superalloy, Hi-Temperature Grade Ceramic and many others to defend against corrosion and wear in the demanding and harsh environments that the Navy operates within. These coatings protect critical shipboard components from wear, corrosion and pitting which can lead to a multitude of problems at sea. If you are experiencing any of these problems, thermal spray coatings are a great solution for longer service life and effective efficient repair of worn components.

  • EMI/RFI Shielding

At A&A Coatings, a variety of metals such as aluminum and zinc are applied to gasket areas of electronics enclosures (cabinets, doors, plates, and etc), polycarbonate electronics cases and filters to provideĀ EMI and RFI shielding. Our high quality coatings prevent the signal interference and electrical noise associated with the operation of electronic equipment from exiting or entering an enclosure or casing.

  • Quality Assurance

A&A Coatings facility, for over twenty years, is approved to perform thermal spray coating for the U.S. Navy in accordance with MIL-STD-1687A. Additionally, our quality system is in accordance with MIL-I-45208 and has been satisfactorily audited by major government agencies and Department of Defense subcontractors.

A&A Coatings is the Best Thermal Spray Partner for the Defense & Military Industry

With many years of experience in serving the defense & military sector, A&A Coatings understands the needs of different organizations in this industry. Since 1998, we have facilities certification in accordance with MIL-STD-1687A that covers thermal spray processes for machinery repair, corrosion protection and new construction coating for the United States Navy. A&A Coatings is also proud to have been awarded multiple large contracts for NCC coatings of submarine electrical connectors by the U.S. Navy. If you want to find out about the full range of our capabilities for the defense & military industry, do contact us today.

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