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Pressure on wire drawing dies coupled with the high speed that the wire moves through wire drawing machines produce large amount of heat due to friction. Until recently, there were only two practical solutions for lowering wire drawing friction. One was the use of special lubricants between the moving wire, the dies and the wire drawing block. This technique has certain physical limitations. The second was slowing down the drawing machines thus reducing production output. A&A Coatings offer specialized thermal spraying solutions that can tackle the issue of heat generation without suffering the limitations of the two mentioned solutions.

Coating and Spraying Services Offered for the Wire Drawing Industry

Since 1995, A&A Coatings has been experimenting on a new friction lowering technique by coating the wire drawing capstans with low friction, non-sticking, abrasion resistant mixtures. Finally we have perfected a mixture which is trademarked as Wirewear® coating.

This new capstan material shows a substantial improvement in the manufacture of both ferrous and non-ferrous wire for size ranging from .031 to .375. The coating is hard and abrasive resistant and the surface of the coating exhibits a low coefficient of friction with the added advantage of increasing hardness in service. Wirewear® coatings also demonstrate impressive elasticity for a coating material this hard. This property allows for a virtually crack-free surface on both new and reconditioned capstans.

Other Spraying and Coating Solutions for Wire Drawing Industry

A&A Coatings can also provide wear resistant coatings to improve the performance of other components in the wire processing industry. These include sheaves, pulleys, rollers, rings, guides and annealed pulleys as well as capstans and blocks.

A&A Coatings is the Best Thermal Spray Partner for the Wire Drawing Industry

We have been a trusted partner for the wire drawing industry over the years. With our innovative Wirewear® coatings, we have serviced many wire drawing businesses and solved some of their hardest challenges. What’s more, we promise highly competitive pricing for all our coating services and our thermal spraying knowledge is highly recognized in the wire drawing industry. Do send us an inquiry today to know more about our specialty coatings and find out how we can bring your business to the next level.

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