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The converting industry, much like the thermal spraying industry, makes use of several materials including but not exclusive to metals, liners, rubbers, felts, plastics, foam, tapes, silicone and adhesives to create enhanced products. A&A Coatings has been providing custom thermal spray coating solutions to many valued clients. We have not only serviced equipment, but also registered our participation in several innovations transpiring in the converting industry over the years.

Coating and Spraying Services Offered for the Converting Industry

Coating solutions provided by A&A Coatings for the converting industry are specifically designed to provide enhanced corrosion resistance and can greatly help in extending service lifespan of the relevant equipment such as actuators, laminating machines and printing presses. Following are some of the coating services that our company offers for the converting industry:

  • Release Coats

The release coating procedure is generally used in the extrusion and manufacturing of rubber. But the procedure also finds ample employment in the converting industry when rubber is the raw material that undergoes change. The process will create wear resistance as well as anti-stick properties to the material being involved. Such a coating process is also sometimes used for other materials such as plastic. A&A Coatings is a leading supplier of release coatings for the converting industry.

  • Flame Spray Coating

Utilized in coating procedures for many other industries, the flame spray process has particular importance in the converting industry. The combustible gases used in flame spray coatings for the converting industry are limited in number. Since there is no nozzle extension for the temperature and spray acceleration, using the flame spray procedure for the converting industry can be a complex procedure. We are proud to say that our engineers have mastered the procedure to immaculate precision.

A&A Coatings is the Best Thermal Spray Partner for the Converting Industry

At A&A Coatings, we are not only experts at what we do but we are also fervent learners to discover how to perform our work better. Many converting companies nowadays include electronics components in their finished products and we have specialized solutions to make sure that electrical insulation coatings can be incorporated. When it comes to the converting industry, no one understands thermal spray applications better than A&A Coatings. Talk to us today if you need more information on our unique coating solutions!

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