Benefits Of Thermal Spray For The Agriculture Industry

Billions of people around the globe rely on the midwestern states, otherwise known to be the bread bowl, to provide everyday sustenance. As such, the agriculture and farming industries are an essential part of the American economy. With fewer generations choosing to venture into the farming industry, optimizing operations in farms have become more important than ever. As such, it is crucial that farms use the right technology to combat the lack of manpower. One such solution is thermal spray technology, a coating process that helps to apply metalized coatings onto the surfaces of machine components, enhancing their performance as well as service life. By fighting abrasion, wear, and corrosion, thermal spray technology is imperative to prolonging the effectiveness of farm equipment. Read on to learn more about the benefits associated with using thermal spray technology for the agriculture industry.

Corrosion Protection

When it comes to the agriculture industry where machines are used in harsh conditions almost every day, corrosion is undoubtedly one of their biggest enemies. Apart from being exposed to harsh conditions, they also regularly experience harsh chemicals from the fertilizers as well as chemical treatments.

This is where the thermal spray comes in handy. Thermal spray technology will help to apply a corrosion-resistant coating over the top of carbon steel as well as aluminum components, protecting the underlying surface from damage. In addition, thermal spray can also be used to apply sacrificial coatings such as zinc-aluminum and aluminum. 

Preventing Wear

A thermal spray coating helps to increase the wear resistance of different surfaces from threshing elements to ground-engaging equipment. Two popular coatings used in the agriculture industry are chrome carbide and tungsten carbide, which are known to be effective in prolonging the effective service life of threshing elements like concaves and rasp bars.

At the same time, the wear and abrasion-resistant coatings can also help ground engaging equipment by creating a harder surface on header prongs and cutter bars. Thermal spray technology can then be utilized to create a metallurgically bonded coating that will meet the needs of the operator.

Parts Remanufacture

When parts do eventually fail, thermal spray technology can still come in handy by rebuilding the affected surface of components back to OEM specifications. After removing the areas affected by damage, thermal spray can not only build back the surface with your preferred choice of material but even overlay it with a layer of carbide to prevent It from further damage.

Thermal spray technology not only helps to prevent corrosion and wear damage but can also be used to add new life to a damaged part. If you are on the lookout for thermal spray technology services, then you have come to the right place. Here at A&A Coatings, we provide a barrage of coating services be it metalizing or plasma spray coating.

Why Choose A&A Coatings?

For more than 70 years, A&A Coatings has been a leader in thermal spray coatings. The company has devoted itself exclusively to the application of metal, ceramic, ceramic metal, and hardfaced coatings. With our coating expertise combined with our complete grinding, lapping, and machining capabilities, our service is unmatched. Contact us today!

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