Protect Your Mission Critical Mining Equipment With Thermal Spray Coatings

Question: Which industry requires some of the toughest machinery on the face of the earth?

Answer: The mining industry. The mining industry is home to some of the most highly corrosive environments in existence.

The manufacturers that create mission-critical mining equipment must, at every given opportunity, find ways to improve vital component service life. So, how do they do it?

The Mining Industry

A heavy mining operation demands a lot from the equipment used. Common components can be subject to considerable wear and damage due to the following:

  • The sheer weight and size of the equipment
  • Operative conditions that are relentless
  • Around-the-clock production, and more

Final drive components as well as components such as transmission and hydraulic systems, due to their prohibitive location and size, pose maintenance issues. Parts simply cannot be scrapped needlessly. The cost is too great. A solution is needed, before failure, to execute a proven repair. Also needed is a way to reduce downtime and maximize component performance.

This is where thermal spray coatings come into play.

The Benefits of Thermal Spray Coating

When specific areas of machinery or components are in need of lubrication or protection, thermal spray coatings are frequently the answer. With this type of coating application, you can minimize production delays and reduce downtime. When various substrates (flat surfaces, outside diameters, inside diameters, etc.) need a particular coating, thermal spray application and the specific products used for a required coating can be customized to the needs of the industry.

Determinations of Thermal Spray

When a thermal spray coating is applied, there are several things that go into determining numerous factors involved.

As an example: The amount of material that needs to be applied to a substrate helps determine the length of time that a thermal spray process will take. Regardless, thermal spray coatings are faster and distributed more evenly than any other old-school coating method.

Thanks to the efficiency of thermal spray coatings, the positive cost and performance differences involved in repairing, enhancing, or maintaining critical components is significant.

Why Thermal Spray Coatings?

Thermal spray coatings have numerous advantages and should be considered for far more than just salvage and repair. Just a handful of additional characteristics offered by thermal spray coatings are corrosion protection, low electrical contact resistance, increased surface hardness, enhanced wear resistance, and much, much more.

So impressive are the coatings discussed here that they are used in some of the most demanding and harsh environments and industries in the world: i.e., aerospace, marine, defense and military, etc. – and, of course, mining. Each of these industries presents its own demands and detriments, requiring the need for the most long-lasting, protective coatings possible.

At A & A Coatings, we are experts in any and all modern types and application methods where thermal spray coatings are concerned. These coatings protect, lubricate, rebuild, resurface, etc. Additionally, we provide specialized services including machining, lapping, grinding, and more. When it comes to the thermal spray coating industry, we are at the forefront – and have been for over 70 years. Why trust the protection of your components, parts, machinery, and surfaces to anyone else? Count on A & A Coatings for all your protective coating and resurfacing needs.

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