Industry Spotlight: Converting

The converting industry utilizes various materials including but not restricted to rubbers, metals, plastics, adhesives, tapes, foam, silicone, and liners to enhance a wide range of products. At A&A Coatings, we provide customized solutions forthermal spray coatings and have established a valuable customer base. We do not only service equipment, but have also partnered in several innovative activities in the converting industry in the past.

The converting industry has specific designs for providing an enhanced protection against abrasion and corrosion and helps to increase the service lifespan of the component. Some of the spraying services provided for the converting industry are as follows:

Release Coats for the Converting Industry

The advantages of release coatings are their high versatility and myriad applications. The low friction release coats are the ideal choice for materials with low strength and low resistance to corrosion. Another advantage of release coatingsis its ability to be used in the material handling and fluid industry. These low friction release coats provide the required degree of protection against corrosion and also they do not have any reaction to the fluids.

Rubber and the Converting Industry

The converting process in the rubber manufacturing industry is as versatile and flexible as the rubber itself. The converting process begins with a shield for the equipment as protection against corrosion and wear and tear while creating quality rubber products.  The polymers are first heated before converting them into extrusions by treating them to a high pressure and then casting them into molds of diverse shapes. A matrix is utilized during release coatings which are passed over a chamber containing release agents like Teflon or silicon. The release coating offers the advantages of both ant-sticking and also of protection against corrosion and wear and tear.

Coating Applicationsin the Converting Industry

This release coating process is usually utilized in the converting industry in the manufacture and extrusion of rubber. That’s why the coating process can be employed to convert other materials such as plastics, paper processing, defense and military, power and energy, rotorcraft, marine, and the beverage processing. The components utilized in these industries are converted with the use of customized friction release coatings specifically designed by A&A Coatings.

Thermal spray coatings are also ideal for oil drilling equipment as well as agricultural harvesting components wherein good resistance to impact and excellent resistance to wear and tear are required. A spray and fuse coat is needed as it is more resistant to wear and tear. After the coatings have been deposited, both the coats and the parts are treated to the required temperature which creates a persistent and dense bonded coating.

The Versatility of the Converting Industry

Because plasma spraying technology has the ability to process powders, wires, or rods, a variety of substances can be converted. Materials with lower and also with high melting points can be converted using the plasma spraying technology. The plasma spray technique can be ideally utilized in converting industries such as agriculture, and oil exploration. Plasma spray coatings are used in these converting industries to provide protection against wear and tear and also to provide excellent resistance to impact. There are varied other converting industry wherein plasma spray techniques are in vogue, such as the infrastructure, aerospace, machine repairs, and many others.

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