Benefits Of And Uses For Chemical Resistant Coatings

While printing machinery, pulp and paper, and petrochemical are a few of the industries that greatly depend on reliable Chemical resistant coating solutions, there are any number of other industries that do so as well. The reason is simple. Equipment must be protected against reagents and chemical reactions. A lack of protection will only result in component and machinery failure. Without protection, certain chemicals can wreak havoc on a component’s delicate surface through their corrosive properties. This will negatively affect the bottom line, no matter the industry.

Who Can Benefit from Chemical Resistant Coatings?

In order to achieve the desired final result, many industries today rely on chemicals and assorted acids. Unfortunately, those same chemicals and acids can have a highly detrimental effect on parts, components, machinery, etc. And when those parts fail, production stops. Now the business involved is looking at unexpected costs involving maintenance, expensive part replacement, downtime, and more. But, if the parts, components, machinery, etc. had been treated with thermal sprayed chemical resistant coatings, all of this could have been avoided.

To list the specific industries that can benefit from chemical resistant coatings would take forever. Here is just a sampling of environments in which chemical resistant coatings are used: wastewater treatment plants, leach platforms, chemical bunds, holding tanks, reactors, splash zones, drainage gullies, blasts chillers, CIP storage tanks, and more.

The Process of Applying Chemical Resistant Coatings

There are several different methods through which chemical resistant coatings can be applied: metalizing, plasma spraying, or spray and fuse hardfacing. Which process will be utilized, and what materials will be used for the coating, depends on which is the best fit. Regardless, each of these processes is capable of applying anti-corrosion, chemical resistant coatings sufficiently.

Chemical Resistant Coatings on Parts

Once again, to list every part of that can be coated with chemical resistant materials would go on forever. Here are just a few of the parts that can be treated with thermal sprayed chemical resistant coatings: bolts and fasteners, steam valves, pump housings, pipelines, generator mufflers, wind turbines, exhaust pipes, valve bodies, and more.

Chemicals and Other Causes of Corrosion

In addition to damage from certain chemicals… parts, equipment, machinery, etc. are frequently subjected to other various types of corrosion. There can be any number of reasons for this corrosion to occur. Thermal spraying equipment, parts, machinery, etc. for corrosion resistance is a necessary part of almost any business and/or industry. And while chemicals can cause corrosion, the environment can be to blame as well. But by protecting your assets through thermal sprayed corrosive resistant coatings… downtime, expensive part replacement, excessive or unnecessary maintenance, and a loss of money can be averted.

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