Chemical Resistant Coating

Chemical Resistance

A&A Coatings provides corrosion-proof thermal spray and coating solutions for diverse industry segments. Corrosion is the state of deterioration in metallic substances caused by chemical action or oxidation. Thermal spray coatings are highly recommended applications for protecting a wide variety of substrates from corrosion. A&A Coatings is a leading surface engineering company providing specialized coatings for superior corrosion resistance. Our years of experience in thermal spraying and coating give us the decisive edge when it comes to improving corrosion resistance.

A&A Coatings | Thermal Spraying Process to Achieve Corrosion Resistance

We primarily use sacrificial metal alloy or inert ceramic coatings for protecting various industrial equipment and other components that are subject to corrosion from chemical action or oxidation induced deterioration. Aluminium and zinc coatings are mostly used so that oxygen molecules can easily be trapped and barred from reaching the substrate underneath. These coatings are nicknamed as ‘sacrificial coating’ in thermal spraying industry parlance for the fact that they also deteriorate over time, but at a much slower rate compared to the substrate that need to be protected. Ceramics are used to resist corrosion, specifically chemical attacks, because they are considered inert and can be resistant to the corrosive nature of many chemicals.

Benefits of Corrosion Resistance Coatings

Sacrificial coating is highly beneficial for preventing corrosion as a lower value electrode metal is used for protecting the substrate, and the coating oxidizes according to anodic reaction. The electrons, therefore, flow towards the substrate and act as cathode, thereby thwarting corrosion. However, we also use ceramic coatings to shield various components against alkaline or acidic solutions. Sleeves, pump shafts, seal rings that are commonly used in printing, chemical or mining industries are coated with these materials.

Common Parts That Need Corrosion Resistant Coatings

The US Navy was one of the pioneers in applying thermal coatings for building corrosion resistance. Our naval forces started research on aluminium coatings back in 1977. Steam valves and other components coated with ceramics have enjoyed much longer service life than their uncoated predecessors.

A&A Coatings, a US Navy approved surface engineering company, recommends thermal spray coatings for a number of structural components such as wind turbines, bridges, large pipelines, and ship structures (with the last two being over-exposed to saltwater induced corrosion). These coatings are also applicable for building corrosion resistance in valve bodies, pump housings, generator mufflers, exhaust pipes and other components which may come into contact with chemically corrosive materials.

To learn more about our chemical corrosion resistance solutions, please give us a call to discuss the specific chemicals which are causing your problems.

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