Conductive Coating

Conductive Coating

A&A Coatings is a surface engineering firm committed to providing industry-specific coating solutions and we can apply a vast selection of materials via the thermal spray coatings process to enhance electrical conductivity in different types of substrates. We use copper, silver, aluminum, molybdenum as well as material blends and alloys to provide conductivity solutions suited to a particular application. We are a full-service coating solutions provider with conductive coating as a specialty.

A&A Coatings | Thermal Spraying Process to Achieve Conductive Coatings

While producing electrically conductive coatings for industrial equipment, A&A Coatings’ engineers use a variety of thermal spray coating materials and technologies with an aim to to provide both industry-specific and application-specific thermal spraying solutions to meet our customers precise needs. In the most common applications we will mask sensitive areas to protect them from the coating process, grit blast the areas to be coated to roughen the surface which allows for a strong bond and then apply electrically conductive materials such as copper, aluminum or silver to the component. Additionally, via the masking process, we are able to create patterns with the coating which allows for a conductive path to be applied around difficult geometries or in a pattern which may be critical to the customer.

Benefits of Conductive Coatings

With our coating processes highly conductive materials can be applied to virtually any substrate. Typically we apply these coatings to non-conductive substrates such as ceramics, polycarobonates or composites. This results in a great solution for imparting conductive properties to surfaces of dielectric components. Additionally we can apply highly conductive coatings to lesser conductive metallic substrates meaning we can create a conductive path on the surface and you do not need to manufacture your component out of expensive conductive materials.

Common Parts That Need Conductive Coatings

Electrical conductive coatings are applied on a variety of materials including polymers and ceramics composites. These materials are used generally by our engineers for creating heating elements, static dissipative elements, slip rings, flexible circuits, ground straps, in-situ thermocouples, contact points, commutator segments and many more types of parts.

A&A Coatings is widely considered as a very reliable coating solution supplier. Call us today to discuss your conductive coating needs.

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