Low Friction Release Coating

Low Friction Release & Cleanability

Low friction release coatings in thermal spray are said to offer excellent coatings in lower friction environments. These coatings play a pivotal role in boundary friction for high wear applications under high temperatures. Since friction is a function property of the surface finish, many of the low surface coatings are meant to include processes in which carbides, ceramics and hard facing metals are polished, honed, lapped or ground. A&A Coatings has used low friction release coatings for clients from diverse industries.

A&A Coatings | Thermal Spraying Process to Achieve Low Friction Release & Cleanability

The low friction thermal spray release coatings are generally applied through spray. The common spray methods included in low friction release coatings are OF (Oxy Fuel), HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) Plasma Arc, Electric Arc and Flame Powder Spray. Flame powder sprays and cold sprays are also used by A&A Coatings to provide low friction release coats and cleanability. Among these, the processes employed in electric arc coatings and flame spray coatings are largely the same. There is no extension nozzle in flame spray coatings, which makes the effect more spread across the surface being coated.

Benefits of Low Friction Release Coatings

The benefits of low friction release coatings in thermal spray start at their wide range of applications and high versatility. Also, if the surface area of the component under question is made from a low cost material that is low on strength and corrosion resistance, low friction release coatings can be the obvious choice for furthering these attributes in the material being coated. Another proven benefit of using low friction release coating is in the fluid and material handling industry. These coatings provide the desired degree of corrosion resistivity and do not react to the fluids.

Common Parts That Need Friction Release Coatings

Low friction release coatings and cleability are instrumental in several industries including paper processing, beverage processing, power & energy, material handling, automotive, defense & military, rotorcraft, marine, material industry, industrial machinery, and the converting industry. Components used in all these industries are coated with thermal spray coatings and specialty developed by A&A Coatings make the job even easier with custom engineered coats meted out to each of these industries.

Low friction release coatings and cleanability comprise specialty offerings by A&A Coatings and are used elaborately across a wide spectrum of industrial machinery and their components. To get your custom coatings, contact us today.

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