Surface Traction Coating

surface-tractionSurface traction is one of the major and most noticeable properties of industrial equipment and machinery. A&A Coatings has designed and applies a range of thermal coatings that are custom engineered to be non-slip and non-skid. These coatings impart a certain surface traction to the sprayed surface so that they have a surface that grips with visible feed applications. To achieve the desired level of surface traction, we utilize processes like HVOF, plasma spray, arc spray and metalizing in along with other thermal spray processes.

A&A Coatings | Thermal Spraying Process to Achieve Surface Traction

Different processes are used to achieve the desired level of surface traction in the component. Included in these processes are electric arc (also known as the wire arc process) and flame spray. In the electric arc process, a charge is place between tow wires to raise the temperature to a certain extent. The raised temperatures are accelerated through an extension nozzle, and the coating is applied to specific parts or components. The process is essentially the same in flame spray but the lack of the extension nozzle covers up for the precision and the spray can be applied widely to achieve surface traction. Powder spray is another form of flame spray we use to impart traction to component surfaces.

Benefits of Surface Traction Coatings

The benefit of surface traction coatings provided by A&A Coatings is simple – we apply one or more of our thermal spray coatings with a classified choice of materials to make the end surface best suited for your commercial, household or industrial purposes. Unlike temporary measures like paper wraps and glues, coatings by A&A Coatings are extremely tough and long lasting. Once the traction in the surfaces fades away after useful and long application, the coatings can easily be stripped off and a compensated recoat can be done.

Common Parts That Need Surface Traction Coatings

Surface traction coatings by A&A Coatings can be employed for a number of applications. Common applications of these coatings include textile & fiber parts, texturing roll surfaces, freed rollers, friction discs, grip fingers, carpet rolls, traction rollers, tool surfaces, reels, winter drums and instruments among others. These coatings also find application in a laundry list of industrial sectors like the automotive, petrochemical and material handling industries.

Through our range of thermal coatings and applications of the spray coatings, we have satisfied our diversely spread out clientele over the last 70 years. To know more about the applications of surface traction, contact us today.

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