Boost Productivity With The Right Food Processing Equipment Coatings

The success of a manufacturing plant can have everything to do with the coatings used on their machinery, parts, and components. One such manufacturing process includes the food and beverage industry. To maximize commercial food processing equipment efficiency and minimize downtime, the importance of coatings is immeasurable.

Naturally, ingredients matter when creating items such as cereal bars, biscuits, loaves of bread, etc. But the equipment used can be equally as essential. Optimum manufacturing efficiency can be determined by optimum coating.

Determining the Correct Food Processing Equipment Coatings

Potential coating systems are evaluated through a deep understanding of several factors in the food and beverage industry. These are as follows:

  • Consistency of the ingredients
  • The stage in the production cycle
  • The equipment

Several questions need to be asked to determine the right coating:

  • Once the food has been processed, what form will it be in?
  • Will there be abrasion from any grains or seeds?
  • Regarding the substance being processed, how sticky will it be?
  • Regarding the food that is being processed, what temperature will it be at?

Certain processing machines and components present various challenges. Some of the most challenging food processing equipment can involve plungers, conical molds, chutes, rollers, etc.

The Appropriate Coating Solution

The choice of just the right coating can be initiated once all of the challenges are identified and understood. There are numerous dry film lubricants, fluoropolymer, and PTFE coatings which are all food safe certified. For your needs, you may require a unique blend of coatings. As an example, if you process a product with grains and seeds, you may need an abrasion resistant, nonstick coating that has been precisely blended to be suitable for such an application.

To increase equipment efficiency and service life in a number of bakeries, a reinforced PTFE coating has been used. It has also been discovered that time between required maintenance intervals can be extended with such a coating.

Food Processing Equipment Coatings: A Recipe for Success

That recipe applies to more than just the ingredients used in a food or beverage and how they’re combined! Together with ingredients and the know-how to put them together, a blend of the following (as it applies to your coating provider) will be necessary to assure success in the manufacturing and processing of foods and beverages:

  • Service levels
  • Process used for pre-and post-treatment
  • Wide selection of coating systems
  • Experience
  • Technical know-how

Additionally, be sure that the coating provider you choose has the capacity to understand your maintenance schedule and accommodate it.

Decades of Experience in the Food and Beverage Industry

A&A Coatings has been providing coating solutions for the food and beverage industry for decades. Whether you have food manufacturing equipment that needs re-coating or if you manufacture food equipment, we’ve got you covered. Remember, it is crucial when choosing a coating provider that they be experienced in the food and beverage industry and fully understand the challenges involved. Contact us today if you’re curious as to how A&A Coatings can be of assistance when it comes to coating your food and beverage manufacturing and processing equipment.

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