Buying Used Thermal Sprayed Auto Parts Is Smart

If you have ever purchased auto parts, you already know how pricey they can be. But if buying a used automobile is a money saver, wouldn’t it stand to figure that buying used auto parts would be a money saver as well? It sounds like a good assumption. There are any number of factors that can weigh very heavily on a decision like that, however.

Before we look into purchasing and using used auto parts, know this: the life of auto parts that have been thermal sprayed with a protective coating far surpasses those that have not. Thermal spraying parts with protective coatings helps guard against corrosion, erosion, the elements, friction, and more. The better protected a part is, the longer it will last.

Now let’s take a look at the ins and outs of used auto parts.

Should I Buy Auto Parts Online?

If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for an auto part, or if you can’t locate a hard-to-find part anywhere nearby, buying online is the fastest and easiest way to go. Make sure that the part is correct before you buy it, check to see if the seller has a return policy, and let common sense be your guide.

Swap Meets Are a Good Place for Used Auto Parts

Individuals looking to trade or sell parts that they no longer need frequently let stuff go at a pretty decent price at swap meets. For classic cars, this is a great place to find parts. Swap meets are, overall, preferable to buying parts from a junkyard because of the selection that is usually available, and the price.

When Purchasing a Used Auto Part, Remember This

Applicable to most any situation, always remember these general guidelines:

  • Not everything should be purchased used – used parts are a real money saver in many instances. But some things should be purchased new like brake rotors, starters, alternators, etc.
  • Be sure of the return policy – no matter how much planning you put into a purchase, sometimes you get the wrong thing. Make sure that you can get a refund, or at least an exchange, if you need to.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask – asking questions can be the difference between getting the wrong part and losing money or ending up with a successful purchase. Never assume.
  • Be perfectly clear on what you need – if possible, have the part in your hand when you are looking at the picture of the part you’re going to purchase, or the used part itself. If they don’t look alike, they probably aren’t. If you have access to an owner’s manual, it could be a handy little tool to have at the ready.

Buyer Beware

This applies to purchasing anything, anywhere. Know what you’re buying and, whenever possible, who you are buying from. Don’t get something that looks like it might fit – buy something that you are absolutely sure will fit. If the part isn’t made for the automobile you are purchasing it for, move along. The part will be available from someone, somewhere.

The automotive industry has made wide use of thermal sprayed protective coatings. If you would like to find out more about what thermal sprayed coatings can do for you in your industry, or for your company, contact us at A and A Coatings.


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