Why Should You Use Plasma Spray Solutions?

Plasma spraying has become one of the most widely used techniques for material coatings. The reason for this is because it provides better control over the process, along with a coating that offers superior performance. The expression “plasma” refers to the state where gas becomes extremely hot, so much so that it displays conductive properties.

Plasma spraying is a process that utilizes this energy in order to create coatings which are extremely advanced. At A&A Coatings, we use high end, plasma spray coatings on products so that they are in compliance with various application requirements.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is sometimes called the “fourth state of matter.” In grade school, most of us learned about the three basic states of matter, which are solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is basically gas which has become extremely hot. As with the other states of matter, it has properties which are distinct. Within plasma, the electrons have been torn from the atoms, which results in a material that looks like gas but is capable of conducting electricity. Plasma appears in nature as lightning bolts or solar winds. At A&A Coatings, we can tap into this energy source with our hi-tech coating systems.

Choosing the Plasma Spray Process

Materials such as ceramics require extensive energy in order to transform into a coating which is desirable. The powder materials which are deposited will be charged within the plasma stream, and can reach temperatures as high as 16,500 degrees Celsius, and will be sprayed onto the surface at speeds which can reach Mach 2.

Because plasma spraying is such a versatile process with a tremendous level of control over the procedure, it allows for the deposition of an array of spray materials such as cermets, alloys and metals. These coatings provide excellent resistance against abrasion, extreme temperatures and corrosion. Many plasma coatings can provide excellent non-stick qualities too.

Plasma spraying can be performed on virtually any material, and because the temperature for the substrate can be easily controlled so that it remains beneath 250°F, there is little concern for overheating, which potentially can cause the warping of the object being coated.

Do You Need Ceramic Coatings?

The plasma spraying process is best used for producing ceramic coatings. The reason for this is that the resultant coatings are tough, extremely resistant to wear and can also remain inert while resisting extreme temperatures. This spraying method outperforms many other procedures such as anodizing or chroming. Ceramic coatings, in particular, will provide finishes which are diverse, from a matte finish which is cross grained to surfaces which are super-finished. Some of the most popular ceramics available include zirconia, titania and chrome oxide.

Plasma Spraying Solutions

Here are some of the common parts that use plasma spraying coatings for different applications:

  • Friction discs
  • Textile or fiber parts
  • Groove rolls
  • Crimper sleeves
  • Pump sleeves
  • Surfacing rolls
  • Seal areas

As you can see, plasma spray solutions can be ideal for your products or can be necessary to protect parts in your industrial equipment. We have clients coming from different industries who seek plasma spray solutions for a wide range of uses. If you want to know how best to utilize plasma spray coatings for your business, talk to us at A&A Coatings and let us guide you further.

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