What Can Specialized Coatings Do For Power & Energy Businesses?

When it comes to the power generation industry, specialized coatings can achieve amazing, positive results. The industry is severely challenged every day by high-temperature oxidation, wear, and corrosion. These coatings not only decrease downtime but lower replacement costs and control and prevent negative effects resulting from those challenges.

Equipment Used for Power Generation

Power generation creates very unique circumstances that have severely debilitating effects on the equipment involved. The high levels of heat and pressure that this equipment needs to withstand are tremendous. Fortunately, there are a number of specialized coating options that can help fight against the severe environment experienced in power generation. Different types of coatings cater to precise goals and specific needs.

The Power and Energy Industry Benefits from Spraying and Coating Services

Why were these solutions in spray coating services initially developed? The basic aim of these services was to further functionality. Specialized coatings can prevent outage incidents and reduce avoidable expenditures for equipment replacement. How does this work? The coatings, once applied, allow equipment such as power generators and gas turbines to optimally operate for longer periods of time.  Customized coating and services are available for the power and energy industry.

Coatings for Gas Turbines

Plasma spray coatings and HVOF coatings are essential when it comes to TBCs (thermal barrier coatings) involved in gas turbine repair. TBC’s are frequently applied to the hot zones in the components of industrial gas turbines. Wear and corrosion resistant coatings are additionally applied to specifically targeted areas for smoother operations.

Power Generation Applications Coatings

Various types of coatings involved in power generation applications can range from abradable coatings to dielectric coatings. The end result is that your power generation equipment operates at its highest efficiency and that it be well protected. Some of the applications in which specialized coatings are used are as follows:

  • Industrial gas turbines
  • Solid oxide fuel cells
  • Solar energy generation and more

Power and Energy Industry Applications

Some of the applications involved in the power and energy industry, when it comes to specialized coatings, are as follows:

  • Compressor blades must be protected from thermal damage
  • Turbine rotors must be coated to avoid friction
  • Gas turbines must be protected against air particles and high temperatures
  • Power generators, where the risk of leakage, overheating, and voltage stress must be lessened

The Power and Energy Industry’s Growth

In recent years, the power and energy industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Resultantly, great emphasis has been placed on the distribution, conversion, and generation of renewable, clean energy. In order for the industry to grow, machinery, parts, components, and surfaces used by the various energy and power businesses must be protected from wear and corrosion. Service outages amount to downtime. And downtime is simply not an option when it comes to this industry.

A&A Coatings has supported the power and energy sector for the past 70 years with our systematically evolved and unique coating solutions. If you would like to speak to a representative about how we can assist you and your company, please contact us today.

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