Essential Use Of Coatings For The Marine Industry

For decade after decade, various protective coatings have been used by the marine industry. These types of coatings are used for both repair and protection because of their design. They are specifically manufactured with exceptional resistance to corrosion and erosion in order to withstand severe offshore conditions.

The Marine Environment

Equipment used in harsh marine environments frequently suffers from entrainment, impingement, and cavitation. Corrosion quickly results because conventional coatings are easily destroyed by these erosive forces. Long-term solutions are provided, however, by specially designed marine coatings to reduce the effects of erosion and eliminate corrosion.

Repairs at Sea

Sometimes, while still out at sea , unplanned maintenance is needed. Marine-safe coatings provide simple and safe repair solutions for hydraulic rams, shafts, engines, pipes, and more. These coatings are specifically engineered to adhere to oil contaminated, wet, and underwater surfaces.

Rubber Component Sealing and Repair

For a fraction of the normal cost of repairs, and with reduced downtime, equipment can be returned to being serviceable again with today’s specially designed marine repair coatings. Flexible coatings can be applied to hoses, bellows, offenders, and other rubber components to help reduce deterioration.

Choking and Shimming

In harsh marine environments, heavy equipment and machinery can receive a reliable foundation that resists vibrations, impacts, and pressure through the use of the appropriate coating materials. A leveling, backing, and choking compound can be used to anchor and precisely align heavy equipment such as auxiliary machinery, ship propulsion systems, and more.

Engine Repair

Cooling problems and cracked casings plague marine engines. The areas around liners and cinderblocks commonly suffer corrosion and cavitation. High-temperature coatings and repair composites can assist in a prolonged engine life by protecting and reclaiming damaged areas.

Shaft Repair

Shaft damage and wear are frequently suffered because high mechanical forces are presented in normal operational modes. To protect detail shafts from corrosive and erosive effects, corrosion preventing, durable coatings are used.

Protecting and Rebuilding Marine Propulsion Systems

Dependent upon vessel type, marine propulsion systems vary. One thing they all have in common, however, is cavitation problems. To reclaim lost substrates, resurfacing and metal rebuilding products are used. Cavitation, corrosion, and erosion resistant materials are applied to protect propellers, jet tubes, and nozzles from future attack.

Protection and Repair of Rudders

Epoxy coatings and metal rebuilding composites are employed to improve and repair erosion and corrosion plagued rudders. Erosion will be limited, and corrosion stopped, by the application of erosion resistant products with insulating properties. Coating systems using a combination of products additionally help combat cavitation.

Additional Areas of Use

Marine coatings and repair composites are also suitable for use in the following areas:

  • Access ladders
  • Lifeboats Deck winches
  • Pipework
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pumps
  • Steering gear
  • Oily water separators
  • Tank cleaning systems
  • Generators/alternators
  • Auxiliary diesel engines
  • Stern tubes
  • Turbo and exhaust blowers

Who Can Protect Your Marine Equipment?

Wind, sun, extreme temperatures, and most notably salt are all considered detriments associated with a marine environment. They can have severe, dangerous, adverse effects on machinery exposed to the elements on a regular basis. Today’s most dependable and reputable protective coating/thermal spray companies realize this. Fortunately, we are a company that is well-versed in the dangers of (and solutions to) the side effects of marine environments. If you are in the marine industry and would like to find out more about the specific coatings used to protect and repair machinery, contact a knowledgeable representative at A&A Coatings today.

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