How Do Engine Block Cylinders Benefit From Plasma Spray Coatings?

When it comes to cylinder bores, plants must find a way to manage friction. The reason being that friction can have a most detrimental impact on the performance of an engine. One of today’s most robust solutions to the management of friction is through plasma coatings.

Introducing: Engine Block Cylinders

An area of your engine where friction is at its greatest is your engine block cylinder. This is particularly true when your engine is running at high speeds. It is essential that friction is managed appropriately in these situations. Minimizing friction means maximizing engine reliability and efficiency. With today’s gas prices, who wants an engine that isn’t performing at its highest efficiency. And no one wants an engine that isn’t reliable.

Protecting Cylinder Bores with Plasma Coating

The internal surface of cylinder bores receives an effective barrier from plasma coatings. It was discovered, through testing, that these plasma coatings are a more cost-effective alternative to the casting-in, shrinking, and pressing of cylinder sleeves. They’re also an alternative to using galvanic plating processes, which tend to be more expensive.

Thanks to plasma sprayed bore coatings, only when needed from operation will a cylinder case be honed. Debris ingestion would be one example. Additionally, this eliminates the need, with each rebuild, for a bore hone. This significantly reduces not only turnaround time but labor costs as well.

A Lowered Scrap Rate and Inventory

Reduced as well is the need for ring and piston sizes maintained in inventory. And because expensive cylinder cases will no longer reach the bore limits, they will not need to be scrapped. Is there a cost to making sure that each of these stages is eliminated? Yes. But, the result (or benefits) far outweighs the cost involved in the application of these protective plasma coatings.

Cost benefits from using lubricating and wear resistant coatings can also be realized in the moving mechanisms and powertrain. Additional improvements realized through the use of these plasma coatings are extended service periods, the enablement of longer warranties, and competent reliability. The result is desirable indeed: not only are running costs reduced but the total cost of ownership is, as well.

Thermal Spray Protective Coatings

When it comes to plasma coating, there are a wide array of processes for surface treatment. These coatings can be applied to a multitude of components and automotive parts, as well as benefiting every other industry in the world.

In addition to the automotive industry, thermal spray protective coatings are used extensively in the following industries: wind energy, textile manufacturing, solar energy, rubber manufacturing, pump repair, the pulp and paper industry, printing machinery, power and energy, pharmaceutical and medical processing, petrochemical, molds and dies, the mining industry, metal production and processing, material handling, the marine industry, industrial machinery, food and beverage processing, fluid handling, and much, much more.

At A & A Coatings, we are highly experienced in the use and application of plasma coatings. Our company is well-established, and our technicians fully trained in the high-tech industry of thermal sprayed protective coatings. The benefits of a service such as ours are practically unlimited. Contact us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members and find out how your business and industry can be positively impacted by thermal sprayed protective coatings.

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