Huge Growth Anticipated for Aluminum Coating Thermal Spray Market

Between now and the year 2025, aluminum coatings applied through the thermal spray process are anticipated to gain traction. Commanding this trend are driving factors such as the following: the pipe line and subsea risers, globally growing industrial hubs, and more. This could, however, be challenged by unpredictable and fluctuating prices for raw materials. But before we talk about the market for aluminum coatings, let’s take a look at them in general.

Introducing: Aluminum Coatings Through Thermal Spray

When a thick layer of paint is applied to an object’s surface, that is referred to as a coating. Coating applications are currently used to protect any number of objects including but not limited to low carbon steel and steel. These coatings offer protection from environments that are considered corrosive. Application functions can be decorative, functional, or both. Properties offered by coatings are resistance to wear, heat, corrosion, and erosion. At an industrial level, thermal spray coatings are used to prevent corrosion and minimize consumption of energy. Industries that make full use of this are the aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, and chemical industries. An extremely cost-effective process, thermal coating protects critical components from heat transfer by media such as gases or liquids, extreme heat dissipation, and other processes. Additionally, when it comes to new parts, it is utilized to increase their service life. Coatings that are thermal sprayed contain formation of substrates in semi-molten and molten formation. Most spray coatings use zinc and aluminum.

Thermal Spray Aluminum Coatings Increase In Demand

A significant increase in the demand for aluminum coatings through thermal spray is expected in the near future. Additionally, manufacturers and executors of this service should enjoy significant growth opportunities on a global level. A significant trend in this market is the introduction of spraying methods that are imaginative and innovative. A geographical region prediction for projected growth in this market will be held by North America, Western Europe, and a dominant market share in Asia Pacific. Thanks to the latest developments and innovation being realized in this market, products utilizing aluminum coatings through thermal spray are becoming economical in the industrial goods segment. The future growth of thermal sprayed aluminum coatings as a market is very nearly limitless in developed and developing regions.

Over the forecast period mentioned above, applications expected to gain significant traction are the aerospace, automotive, marine, and oil and gas industries. This will be due to the ever-increasing need for protection against harsh chemical and environmental corrosion.

Aluminum Coatings Market Segmentation

End use industry and application are the basis for market segmentation when it comes to thermal sprayed aluminum coatings. Segmentation on the basis of application goes as follows:

  • Thermal barrier
  • Wear resistant
  • Decorative coatings
  • Anti-corrosion and others

However, the market is segmented differently on the basis of end use industry:

  • Aerospace and automotive
  • Marine
  • Petrochemical and chemical
  • Gas and oil and others

The thermal sprayed aluminum coatings market owes much of its growth to global manufacturing’s adoption of sustainable energy. New thermal sprayed aluminum coating inventions and innovative technologies will encourage even more market growth globally.

If you are interested in participating in the growing demand for thermal sprayed aluminum coatings, contact us at A & A Coatings today. See what thermal sprayed aluminum coatings can do for you and your company. Don’t let the benefits that this technology offers pass you by.


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