Industry Spotlight: Bottling & Canning

In today’s bottling and canning industries, many of the components involved are treated with protective coatings. It is very likely that your favorite carbonated or non-carbonated alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverage is kept in a container that involved protectively coated machinery for processing.

Protective Coatings in Today’s Industries

To extend the life of valve arms and wear plates (used in bottling and canning), resistive coatings protect against abrasion and wear. On components used in graphic decorating machinery, dimensional restoration coatings and texture coatings are used. Through the years, these protective coating processes have been altered and improved, so that today, they end up saving considerable money and minimizing downtime for those astute enough to put them to good use.

The Bottling and Canning Industry

Heavy-duty machinery is used in the manufacturing of the receptacles that hold our favorite beverages. Expertise and experience are needed by companies providing thermal spray coatings for the components used in bottling and canning equipment. The coatings must provide hard lining and abrasion resistance for various surfaces. In the bottling and canning industry, an integral component is a wear plate. The surface of these plates can be greatly improved with the application of thermal spray coatings. Additionally, through today’s state-of-the-art thermal spray processes, end-of-life bottling equipment components can be repaired and refurbished.

Applicable Spraying And Coating Services 

In order for machinery used in bottling and canning production facilities to run efficiently, all components involved must remain wear and abrasion resistant. For this very reason, ceramics and other inert materials are used to build up corrosion and wear resistance. For the refurbishment or rebuilding of equipment components used in canning and bottling, metallic materials can be used.

Depending on the components involved, specialized thermal spray solutions are available. Some of the components in this case can include the following:

  • Can and bottle filling equipment components
  • Graphic application equipment components
  • Wear plates
  • Ink roles
  • Valve arms
  • Blanket cylinders
  • And any other component or part that is prone to wear and corrosion

The Food Industry and Corrosion

Corrosion is a major factor and massive enemy when it comes to the food industry. This is why the equipment used in bottling and canning foods and beverages must be protected against corrosion, at all costs. Fortunately, the cost of thermal spray protective coating application is far outweighed by the time and money it can save companies – not to mention the protection it provides against harm and disease where the human factor is concerned.

There are three types of recognized corrosive categories when it comes to food:

  • highly corrosive – brine packed foods, dressings and sauces, acidic fruits, jams, etc.
  • mildly corrosive – canned meats, soups, beer, wine, fruit syrup, etc.
  • noncorrosive – cereals, fat, oil, fish, meat, milk, etc.

But no matter the level of corrosion, the proper container must be used to protect companies and their consumers. As you can see – not only is protection against corrosion necessary in the material used for bottling and canning, but the components involved in the manufacture of the containers involved.

A&A Coatings has been a major player in the canning and bottling industry for decades. We offer specialized solutions to protect against wear, corrosion, and other damaging factors involved in the industry. Damaged equipment can be refurbished, and undamaged equipment can be protected through the use of our state-of-the-art application processes and protective coatings. Contact us today to find out more about how our involvement in the canning and bottling industry has saved money, maintenance costs, time, and overall costs.

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