The Role of Protective Coatings in the Food Industry

When it comes to commercial food processing equipment, to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime, the importance of the protective coatings can’t be stressed enough. Every cereal bar, biscuit, and loaf of bread is only as good as the equipment used to make it. Making sure that thermal spray protective coatings are in place on equipment such as molds, mixing vessels, chutes, rollers, plungers, and hoppers is, in this day and age, an essential part of properly running a business in the food processing industry.

There is a very important equation in the food industry pertaining to Thermal spray:

Optimal manufacturing efficiency = optimal coating

Crucial Questions Answered

Once the equipment is used to process food, what form will the food end up in? Will grains or seed cause abrasion within the equipment? Will the substance inside be sticky? What will the food temperature be at? These are all questions that, when answered, assist in understanding the equipment and evaluating coating systems that should be used.

The Solution That Is Best

A solution for the proper protective coating can take be derived after the above questions are answered. An applicator will more fully understand the challenges presented by each specific type of equipment. Naturally, only protective coatings that are food safe certified can be used (i.e., dry film lubricants, fluoropolymer, PTFE, etc.). As an example, when grains and seeds are present in dough, it is essential that the protective coating used on the machinery that mixes the dough have the proper blend of abrasion resistant characteristics and nonstick characteristics.

Using the proper thermal spray coating on food processing equipment not only increases the time between regularly scheduled maintenance intervals but increases the efficiency and service life of equipment.

A Recipe for Success

  • Take a thermal spray company that has the capacity and service levels to accommodate your company’s schedule for maintenance.
  • Next, combine: experience, technical know-how, and a wide selection of coating systems with post and pre-treatment processes.
  • Mix all of this carefully in one location. You now have the perfect recipe for success.

The appropriate thermal spray protective coating will serve you well; no matter if you are looking for maintenance solutions (food manufacturing equipment re-coating) or if you are an equipment manufacturer.

Your Service Provider Matters

It should be obvious, by now, that the company chosen to apply protective coatings to your food industry equipment be reputable, experienced, and fully knowledgeable regarding that very specific line of equipment. Not only should they understand the challenges uniquely presented, they should have the flexibility and capacity to accommodate the work needed.

At A and A Coatings, we offer a wide range of working examples that can assist owners and operators in understanding (and taking full advantage of) the thermal spray process. That’s because we, as a company, have lots of experience working with all sorts of food manufacturing/processing equipment. If you are in the food Industry and would like to find out more about what thermal spray and protective coatings can do for you, your equipment, and your company, contact us today.


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